@PhoneBoy I've seen the right side of this flow chart called "scientism".

So on the left hard science and on the right economists...

@PhoneBoy That one on the right could also be labeled "economics" which is why I couldn't bring myself to continue after my BA.

@PhoneBoy Mainstream (i.e. neo-classical) economics is rife with models that "prove" only what they assume to begin with. Hence, we have Paul Krugman in 2009 claiming that we'd be recovered from the crisis in 12 months if congress passed the stimulus package and 18 months if they didn't...because his models assume that the economy naturally recovers from crises. We got the stimulus package and it took over 7 years to kinda-sorta recover. Krugman, of course, still uses the same model. 🤦‍♂️

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