My Apple Watch robbed me of more than a half mile of distance credit. What it didn't rob me of was nearly two hours all in Zone 2.

@PhoneBoy You should go beat up Tim Apple. That will teach him. πŸ˜‰

@MartinJJ Reminder for @PhoneBoy ::

"Wearables are just SLAVE JEWELRY..."

- NA Doctrine from 2009/10

@PhoneBoy @MartinJJ

If we catch you wearing a "Google Glass", you're out of the club, and that's FINAL.


Definitely no interest in Google Glass. Barely have interest in the Apple Watch. 😬

@BlueDouche @MartinJJ

@PhoneBoy @MartinJJ

I always thought Google Glass looked like some kind of 90s sci-fi show.

You know, like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or something.

Is that a Google Glass that Weyoun is using to see the battle?

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