listeners will see the obvious attempt to conflate Jordan Peterson's "crazy" ideas with this meat cleanse him and his daughter are doing for health reasons. When, in reality, the results speak for themselves.

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@PhoneBoy No, you must have the scientifically proscribed balanced diet. Even if it kills you! (which if you are Mikhaila Peterson, it probably will)

@ned considering the scientifically prescribed diet was killing me slowlyโ€ฆyeah no ๐Ÿ˜

@PhoneBoy it's ok. You get to hear quite a bit more of the process that finally led her to the carnivore diet. And there is a bit where they kinda have a fight about why Americans are fat, Rogan says it's all about exercise, Mikhaila says its diet.

@ned I didn't lose about 100 pounds because I exercised, I'll tell you that. ๐Ÿ˜‚

@PhoneBoy do you feel like you want to do exercise now that you have lost weight, feel healthier, etc.? I think that is where people get confused. It's like an argument about what comes first. But in the end a healthy person will do both.

@ned I do a small amount of bodyweight exercises. And yes, I feel like doing it now, which I didn't before.

@ned @phoneboy  If evolution is scientific, then the only scientific diet is one based on evolutionary past.
@phoneboy  Jordan Peterson should be rightfully criticized for advocating the "progress" that plagues the metabolic health of him and his daughter.
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