The original Gates BBQ in Kansas City, MO. My belleh is full.

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@PhoneBoy l know. Food porn. 30 hours and fasting. Almost there

@PhoneBoy I hear you @CMike knows the hotspots in kc. Put me on a bird. 36 hrs and still fasting

@PhoneBoy @Lordimpala I like Oklahoma Joe’s – now just Joe’s Kansas City – and Jack Stack as my first two options. Gates is good as well. When Trump was in town recently I was fervently hoping he would go to Gates for lunch and then tweet about the rude service. :-)

The funny thing @CMike is that different people have different opinions as to what place is the best. Also depends on what you like (ribs vs brisket).

On a past trip I went to Joe's. May try Jack Stack tonight. We'll see :)


@CMike visiting. Though, with all the travel I do, I don't really "live" anywhere except out of a suitcase.

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