At least this graduation party had far less drama than the one we went to last week. Unless you count the β€œdrama” caused by my daughter and a boy she likes…snuggling at this party. We know the boy, and the moms are even rooting for this result, so…good thing? Other than the fact the boy is going off to college in the fall and she’s not.

β€œIf you are not communicating about anything that engages other people, then the value of your communicationβ€”even the value of your very presenceβ€”risks falling to zero.” β€” Jordan Peterson

(This explains a hell of a lot, actually)

I saw where you came from, called out your name, but there’s no answer…

Looks like MiniMe can’t hack the OTG lifestyle. On the plus side, that means the flip phone I bought him will revert to me. 😬

β€œWe know that American men really only get in trouble for one thing in politics or in media: it’s for their penis, they’re putting it in the wrong place!” β€” @adam 1355


@Johncdvorak: You got some foreign agents doing espionage in this country, how come they're not in jail…[They] should be lined up and shot like they do in China…
@adam: …As long as it's televised and we get the rights to produce it, I'm all in!

"Please, pay no attention to the children's heart inflammation, please look at the nutjubs I'm showing you on your telescreen!" β€” @adam 1355

"You watch: will soon be unavailable on Apple devices. I can feel it coming…which is why we all need a flip phone!" β€” @adam 1354

"Isn't it interesting how you can inherent the evil white supremacy from your ancestors, multiple generations, but you can't inherent money from your parents?" β€” @adam 1354

Wow, low end Android phones are a frustrating experience. Maybe if they didn't require all that malware from Google, they'd suck a whole lot less.

If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

Of course, none of the above applies when you have a plumber working on your pipes. 😬


@adam: It’s not so much [about] how [we do] the production, but how do we do it by doing it and doing it with such vigor and enthusiasm?
@Johncdvorak: We’re both angry men! This is a version of shouting at the television.

β€œThat’s one of the things we do. It’s a very common process Americans use. We dump our expiring goods, old drugs and everything else, and we send them to Africa!” β€” @Johncdvorak 1354

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