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Episode 31 of The Lotus Podcast is now available, called Time, Trolling, and Treasure. @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I talk about the truth and the bullshit of Keto. Enjoy!

The very first “adult” record I remember putting on the record player? Dark Side of the Moon.

Seems fitting that on the first record player I got as an adult that I play this fine album first.

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On the menu for this week in The Blossom Bar we have some tasty topics. Vote for the dish you wanna audibly ingest. Vote now and Vote only once cuz that’s all this survey allows lol. Tune in to The Lotus Effect Saturday at 4pm Central and stay for the Afterparty, it’s a Phenomenon.

Join @PhoneBoy and I as we discuss “Delicious”. topics and “Fricassee” Rabbit Holes on The Lotus Effect. We go live Saturday at 4pm Central so call us at 253-237-3321 and tell us about The Most Dangerous Thing You Have Ever Done. Troll us live in our chat or Join us for The AfterParty, it’s a Phenomenon.

This week Petalheads our “Refire” topic is, Whats The Most Dangerous Thing You Have Ever Done? Call us at 253-237-3321 and tell us about it. Operators are not standing by but Google Voice is and waiting to “butcher” the transcription. Tune in the The Lotus Effect at 4pm Central on Saturday to hear what your fellow Evel Knievel wanna be’s are up to.


The Number Needed to Treat is quite simple: the number of people who take a particular drug for one person to show some benefit. The question is: do you know what the NNT on the meds your pharma dealer is demanding you take?

In 25 years of “Independence Day” wedding anniversaries to the person I’m still technically married to, I’ve never felt as free as I have today.

The fireworks are much better, too.

I used to joke that the irony of it being Independence Day was not lost on me, given that it was this day 25 years ago I married she who I am still legally married to.

Now, I’m 2,500 miles away from her and I’ve started over. And while I can’t say I’m entirely free from her (financially and legally speaking), I’m feeling a lot more free than I’ve felt in the last 25 years.

Little girl: "Is that your girlfriend?"

Me: "Well... Sierra, what do you think?" and I looked at my now darling wife.

Sierra: [looks at her mom, then at me, and then at the little girl] "Yes. I am his girlfriend."

Then, a few weeks later, I proposed marriage, on the day I had to return to Germany.

We were married two and a half years later, and have been together since.

Miracles happen every day.

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Here's a great picture. I love it for my own reasons, and the haters will loathe it for their own. This was the day I cemented my relationship with my darling wife:

After a couple months of emails and phone calls, my now darling wife and I met in person. Then a few days later, we visited a classroom, taught by my now mother-in-law, and full of students who had sent letters of support to me while I was overseas, all at my mother's request, mind you. I was there to thank those children....

@sincity337 @PhoneBoy @darrenoneill I asked my Scottish friend if the Genlivit 21 was good and his reply was: “Anything old enough to drink itself will not disappoint you.”

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