@shanehawkk not suggesting that you eliminate your need for insulin on low carb/keto, but you certainly need less. And it's criminal what drug companies charge for it.

"Over time, it wasn't like we wrote it on a whiteboard, but we're agile enough and we cared enough to figure out what the community was capable of doing and how to grow it. We came up with our Value For Value concept. It's 11 years, we're still here, but we're not a network of shows, we're a network of producers." β€” @adam 1118

Okay this goat shit is just such tasty icing @adam - the goat scream is my ringtone btw, thank you @PhoneBoy

How about that, this SAS flight from CPH > AAL has WiFi. And because I have an SAS Plus ticket, it’s free. 🀘🏻

Will admit, I wasn't expecting lounge access considering SAS is not a SkyTeam partner, but I guess my "SAS Plus" ticket is business class and it entitles me. Go figure.

I'm not even in the US this week and I've been fucked by Daylight Saving Time there. 😑

Almost 12 hours of sleep seems appropriate when I got no sleep the previous night. Amazed I pulled it off, to be honest (not the sleeping, but the staying up part). Never been able to do that before.

Did NOT sleep in the flight from JFK. Trying to power thru the day in Copenhagen. Definitely need one of these.

I just realized the last time I was in Denmark it was right before Daylight Saving Time ended in the US and now I’m here when it begins. That’s a strange coincidence.

Thought this was a KLM flight, instead it's Transavia. Very green seats from AMS to CPH. 😳

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