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HACK.XXX Acquires Nothing Security, The Industry Leader in Cybersecurity Minimalism

My office is an absolute pit of despair. Fortunately, I've carved out a small, relatively uncluttered space. Let's see how long this lasts.

Today I learned the word dais. The Internet helps a lot but it doesn't help when you don't mnkw how to spell it.

The things I do for @noagendaquotes.

Today I learned my little corner of the People's Republic of Greater Seattle, after banning plastic bags in stores, is now banning plastic straws.

Meanwhile, I go get a refill at Starbucks, they have to give me a new plastic cup because health code. And have you seen how much plastic they use in Starbucks for the food-like substances they serve?

Had this shirt autographed by the author of Pararena at Macworld in the early 1990s. Might have been the last time an XL shirt properly fit me. 😳

The issues surrounding Gab highlight one of my earlier thoughts about Mastodon and the Federation: it's not decentralized enough.

The only person who should decide who I can and cannot interact with is me. No one should be in a position to take that away. From me or anyone else.

Sure, anyone can set up their own instance. In practice, how many will do that?

The majority of iOS Mastodon apps I've tried seem to be blocking Gab now. Can't say I'm surprised by that.

So-called AI is easily fooled into thinking malware is goodware.

β€œTheir crime is not that they coded AI poorly. Their crime is calling what they did AI."


My doc says if my A1C is normal next month, we can remove from my chart. 🀞🏻

β€ͺLove when you have a 10am doctors appointment and they're already running behind schedule.‬

Federating feels a lot like the old 'peerage' days of the physical internet construction.

Challenged for sleep last night, challenged for time this morning, but I got something in.

No idea why my body clock thinks now is not a good time for sleeping. 😬

Today, I learned the definition of hate speech: "like porn, I know it when I see it."

Which leads me to ask: if you get rid of all the hate, how will others know when they see it?

β€ͺIf the Open Source and Federation guys are restricting who I can communicate with, how are they better alternatives, exactly?‬

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