@ned the word of God is not being spoken tonight but our high school holds their band concerts in one of the local churches.

Someone on the Tweeters asked to tell them what I am proud of accomplishing this year. Here's my list:

1. Grow the user community I am responsible for: community.checkpoint.com
2. Reduce my A1C to the normal non-diabetic range
3. Maintain 100lb/45kg of weight loss with and despite 175k miles/281km of airline travel

Been a busy year.

The Best Evidence Yet That Not All Calories Are Created Equal

The study doesn't prove low carb is better at weight loss, but it does improve how many calories your body burns. Which definitely helps you lose weight.


Meanwhile, my holiday season just got a little more interesting. I'll spare y'all the details, but what I can say is "That escalated quickly."

Former FDA Commissioner Says We Have β€œFailed” in our Nutritional Advice

And the world is fatter and sicker because of it.


Here I am, proud of losing 100 pounds. This bloke from Melbourne lost 98 *kilos* (about 215 pounds, almost half his body weight) and is running marathons now. I'm a slacker compared to this guy.

"If anyone can find this article called The Last Yard, send me a link…It's the Internet, everything's saved in perpetuity except the shit you actually want to keep." β€” @adam 1084 web.archive.org/web/2001030121

We should be applying the Pareto principle to our health. And, if you think you might be at risk for heart disease, get a CAC scan.


Next business trip is complicated enough that I need the travel agent to do it for me. The trip after that to Tel Aviv? Not so much.

When I eliminated carbs from my diet, I eliminated my Type 2 Diabetes and 100 pounds. Feel better than I have in years.

So are carbs really bad for me? I'd say yes.


Did anyone see the Amazon commercial where they used Can You Feel It? Why do I get the feeling Michael Jackson rolled over in his grave? I’m sure whoever owns his music rights is quite rich.

@Lennoxxreverb @PhoneBoy @CarBlanez33 you have our approval if you just post the damn RSS-feed

fuck apple and itunes

Gary Taubes at Low Carb Houston, 2018

A proper investigative journalist who went down the diet rabbit hole some years ago only to discover everything we’ve been told since the 1960s is completely wrong.

A bit long but worth the watch.


Been a while since I’ve been able to sit on my patio. It’s not too bad out here for a late fall afternoon.

Just reviewed my lifetime miles on United and Delta.

United (going back to the early 1990s): 409,233
Delta (going back to 2010, becoming my primary airline in 2015): 532,222

That’s a lot of shiny metal tube time.

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