Yeah @SirBemrose @darrenoneill I use Waze. However, I have the voice navigation turned off because I need another voice screaming at me like I need a hole in the head.

And, yeah, I see how indiscriminately listening to that voice can be very very bad. Especially when Waze occasionally think I've jumped a street or two over 😬

from a year ago in different hotel rooms. Only about 20 pounds less and a couple inches off the waist, but the miles I've flown between these photos. 😳

Unlike the last couple days I've been here the treadmills were in use. Went outside for a walk instead.


‘He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.’ -1984

Not sure how a middle seat is considered an upgrade by Delta, but here I am. SEA > ATL en route to GRU.

@PhoneBoy @sirphenom That is the real world definition of unsustainable. The financial and fiscal definition of unsustainable is when future obligations grow faster than the economy. The progressive definition of unsustainable is anything they don't like!

My daughter just told me school was out on Monday. Not because Columbus Day. No, that guy killed a bunch of people, so we can’t celebrate him. It’s called “Fall Break Day” now.

I’m sure Christopher Columbus did some reprehensible things back in the day. Pretending he didn’t exist is…erasing history.

Which, the more that I think about it, the more it seems like that’s just all part of the plan.

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