Today's Vinnie Tortorich podcast (always first on the list when running) was about breathing. Within five minutes, I stopped breathing through my mouth. Did help me stay in Zone 2 better.

If they can subpoena Trump's tax records, they can subpoena every other politicians tax records, too, including Democrats.

Small complaint about the site @adam @woodstock: no obvious download link for the show mp3. Assume that's an easy fix?

Business in the territory formerly known as CHOP are suing Jenny Derpan and Jay Fucking Inslee for not doing their fucking jobs. Sadly, I don't hold out a ton of hope here.

Reading the trolls who tweet Jay Fucking Inslee does occasionally net some funny shit.

First time in a while I've been home to get my born day drink from Starbucks but never expected I'd be enjoying it in my car because, well, social distancing, Covid-19, whatever you want to call it.

I completed a lap around the sun just by waking up today. That's wasn't enough for me. 😬

@PhoneBoy Then go read Brave New World to see the other half of the plan.

Yeah, so I'm finally reading 1984. I mean, if they're using it as a playbook, I want to see just how fucked up shit's gonna get.

Dimension B calls you a denier if you bring up the falling death rate in response to the rising number of Covid-19 "cases."

I know I'm having a bad day when more coffee just wasn't cutting it. Thankfully, I feel better after running it out of my system.

I remember when Odwalla was just a Santa Cruz thing (being from there). Apparently Coca-Cola bought them at some point and ruined it to the point they're discontinuing the business.

Not that I'd drink any juice regardless of who makes it, given what I know now, but pour one out for Odwalla.

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