This would be better to see than a bunch of Hollywood media whores singing "Imagine".

"Didn't you already run today" my wife asks. Yes I did. 3.5 miles wasn't enough, so I did 5 more.

Meanwhile, in the other Washington, Gov Inslee says we may need to be on lock down longer than the two weeks he initially ordered.

Shortest jog I've done in a while but…I got interrupted by a call from nature. 😬

Arcade cabinet and monitor has been ordered. Surely that will make the fam happy, though the cabinet will take a bit to get here.

Seems like there are fewer and fewer people outside on my jogs. I'm sure the weather is not helping today.

Done recording voiceover on this batch of videos for work. Sadly, you have to log in to see them because we've got them gated on the community, but any douchebag can create an account and see them.

Not that I expect anyone here will do that, but @CSB expressed interest, so here you go.

I'm really tempted to type "At this point what difference does it make" into a work email. :P

Did get my jog in this morning but not first thing. And forgot to post until afternoon. 😬

A few of you asked me if my job was going to be impacted by all the attempts to crash our economy because of COVID-19. Other than staying the fuck home for a while like the rest of you, I think I'll be just fine.

@sirphenom least you got your Stay The Fuck Home order all at once. They did it piecemeal here.

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