Given how polarized society is right now, companies would be well advised to follow the example set by Coinbase IMO.

Been a while since I’ve run before dawn. Not much to see at the Old Ferry Docks but fog today.

Not gonna lie, I miss the peak corona days of taking walks with nary a car or person in sight.

We use "Orwellian" too often. But:

1) In March Cuomo issued order sending COVID patients to nursing homes.

2) By May 4,500 ppl sent to nursing homes bc of order, per AP, catastrophically. So NY reversed &...

3) ... scrubbed it from sites.

4) Today Cuomo said it never happened #Guns #NY

Full-List of bots:

I bought an XL version of this vest about a year ago and this L version about 6 months ago. Haven’t worn it much recently, but the days are getting shorter, so I need it again. Looks like I need to order a medium. And this from a guy who used to wear 5XL shirts.

End of month mileage check-in. 2600 miles is the new end of year goal. Guessing it won’t be much of a stretch to get there.



1. I really don't think anyone is really taking me seriously (except for you a few others) about how bad the situation is in California about the AB5 bill. You can't hire a landscaper, a tutor, a nanny, and offices can't hire independent contractors. Musical theatre and opera companies had begun stopping operations and writers/photographers stopped getting work. No-one is understanding this, or maybe I'm not writing the right things.

Looks like the smoke has returned to the skies. It’s not too unhealthy…yet.

Why in $DIETYs name was I added to a text thread? That’s almost as annoying as a phone call.

We're six months into Covid and I'm still hearing platitudes about "we're all in this together". This country is on the verge of civil war and balkanization, and still people pretend we can all get along.

The Podfriend webplayer now lives on: !

I have spent all afternoon and evening making it pretty damn responsive (It's not 100% perfect, but soooo much better).

The PWA is now supported on both desktop and mobile, so you can add it as an app!

(The only thing is that if you show a podcast with a non-https cover image, like No Agenda, then the PWA options disappears, because the page is no longer secure. Hmmm... Maybe I'll need to pass all images through my own server...)

I don't know who won the debate but I know who lost. America.

Twitter is basically focusing on how rude Trump is. That's pretty much all they have on Orange Man.

If you ever needed evidence of Dimension A versus Dimension B, read Twitter during this debate, then come read NAS.

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