My Apple Watch robbed me of more than a half mile of distance credit. What it didn't rob me of was nearly two hours all in Zone 2.

You know you're in uncharted territory when a Google search doesn't even show the error messages you're encountering.

What the fuck is a qmd64 processor type? And why does some deep dark part of Windows Update think that's the kind of processor is in this computer?

One of the stupid things I spent money on in the 90s was Pink Floyd bootlegs. Unlike a lot of shit from that time, I still have them and they still get played.

Microsoft's been doing Operating Systems how long? And yet, they still don't have an update mechanism that actually works. 🤦

“I want my player stats flying in windows, I want telestrators, I want to feel good, good about the technical production of [Super Bowl LIV] and it was sparse! Maybe football fans like that more but I thought to be very, almost low budget!” — @adam 1214

ITM y'all! Here's the latest from the No Agenda Animation Studios - a bit of an explainer for new listeners as covered in ep 1217. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

I'm convinced Steam, which my daughter doesn't even use, she claims, is why her computer is running so dog slow. That and the presence of Java. Her computer definitely needs a powerwash.

AT&T, parent company of MSNBC, which Trump often calls out as Fake News, got a bunch of tax breaks.

Meanwhile, Trump reportedly talks about pulling MSNBC's license (which he doesn't actually do, but bear with me):

I look at these tax breaks at quid pro quo. MSNBC (which Trump calls MSDNC) talks about Trump incessantly, yet they claim to hate him. "Free" advertising for Trump. Great for ratings.

No advertiser in their right mind would want their products/services advertised against some of the abhorrent shit on YouTube. That and the resulting outrage from advertisers, i.e. those who actually pay the bills, are the only reasons Google (and others) are bothering to take any action against this content: because it cannot be monetized.

These companies are only acting out of their own financial interests, not some moral imperative. And if you're not paying, you're probably the product.

Nothing like joining an All-Hands Meeting. Remotely. When most people are in an office.

@adam: Maybe we should try that. HEY LISTEN, YOU DICKS, SEND MONEY! I dunno, will it work?
@Johncdvorak: Have you ever read the newsletter?

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