Finally found...and fixed...the source of a CSS bug that's been bugging me for weeks. Turned out a particular iframe was to blame. Not sure why a blank iframe takes up space on the page, but ok.

Given the Remainers are currently losing their minds, I'm assuming the rest of the UK told them to sod off at the voting booth.

This was posted to Facebook with the caption "Why the US Senate Doesn't Represent America." And I'm thinking: this is exactly why we have a Senate (2 senators per state) and a House of Representatives (based on population).

What am I missing here?

You know @adam I've been using Linux on the desktop on and off forever. Have one system running Linux Mint for a while. If my day job didn't require actually using Windows, I would have moved a long time ago.

@PhoneBoy @progo technology is built on pr0n and video games. Change my mind.

I was ok with Gab until they went all religious nutjub and shit.

Now? Let them die in obscurity.

Expense report for the last trip submitted. Next expense report for hopefully the last trip of the year is staged and ready to go.

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