You guys have been getting paid by Russia, meanwhile I've been posting Russian propaganda for free??? 🤬

@adam third sighting of a beautiful woman with bell bottoms in Tokyo. Will this trend catch on? Here is a picture of what I'm seeing. Anyone else noticing these outside of Asia?

In my educational finance essay I was able to fit in a paragraph on the evils of the Federal Reserve. Today was a good day.

If the show recording time is changed, will that bring back the Zephyr report?

I love you guys.... And I'm a lil bit drunk

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Netflix shareholders lost 35% in one day. Crypto investors are suddenly interested in Netflix stock.

Leader of QAnon's Japan branch arrested for obstructing COVID vaccinations for kids

Where the federated model fits according to organizational theory:

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Just started thinking back a couple of shows and Adam had asked if we would have a "Pet Rock" as part of our rerun of the 70's, and I realized that's what NFT's are.

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@adam The Japanese government has officially changed the spelling of "Kyiv" from the previous "Kiev."

The Japanese use Katakana, a separate phonetic alphabet for foreign loan words. They have changed the phonetic spelling and pronunciation in Japanese to the pro-Ukrainian way for all official documents.


Interestingly, they still use Japanese colonial pronunciation for most places in China, Taiwan, and Korea.. Ex. Peking vs Beijing

Friends I haven't talked to in months are taking this opportunity to reach out... to talk about Will Smith's slap.

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Settings > Preferences > Other > "Group boosts in timelines"

I wish Mastodon had a way to avoid showing the same content posted or boosted by two different people that I follow. Maybe cookies? Is there a way to enable this?

Kamala Harris Pronunciation Guide

When she wants to pass as white, her name is CAMala.

When she wants to pass as black-american, her name is kAmala.

When she wants to pass as Indian or African, her name is kamALA.

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