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What should I make for the first episode of No Apologies

No matter how bad things are right now,
no matter what happens to my job,
I'm happy to be alive right now.

Because before this, everyone my age complained that life is pointless, and we had no real challenges.

Well now we do,
and we have a choice to make:

Stand up for ourselves
or let totalitarianism win.

What could be more awesome than that?

Hey No Agenda artists and shop people, can we get a " Lets Go Brandon" using the Biden campaign Lettering and Colors made....TYFYC
@adam @Johncdvorak

@progo @m00se Yes, he said it would be a future OSHA directive .. and it's not going to happen.

First off, (Former Vice President) Biden cannot use OSHA this way. It's a massive overextension of executive power. He mentioned that bullshit to try to bully people into taking the jab and bully employers into mandating it before the OSHA regulation comes into play.

It will never come in to play. The courts are siding more and more with religious exemptions and granting emergency injunctions. Pharma companies can't be held liable, but companies that mandate this jab CAN! Directly suing the company when an employee dies of the vax wouldn't go to the special vaccine courts, and might have a stronger chance of winning.

Employers forcing mandates at this point are going to face a hard awakening. I even wonder if it's intentional to force mid-sized businesses out of business.

Don't get the shot. If an employer mandates it, make them fire you. If they gave you a date, wait it out or find a legal firm looking for people/cases for big suits. Time is really on your side. Most of this stuff is failing in the US court system.

This whole war is now being resisted by just a hand full of countries. Those who pushed back on the passports in the UK, those who stand against real fascism in Aussiestan, the French who continue to protests and those in NYC .. and all the governors in American states who are saying "no" .. they are our last stand.

Freedom isn't worth anything if it doesn't cost you anything.

I'm getting unfollowed by lots of folks just for this DANK MEME, so to speak.

Ok heres a thought, since we r being required to wear masks again in certain places lets all get the guy Faulk mask and wear it and see if they get the message

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