“The mRNA vaccines are by defintion a virus
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on "messenger" RNA. The RNA is encapsulated in a lipid layer consisting of propylene glycol (a petrochemical).

This is the biological defintion of a virus. (In this case a synthetic virus.)”

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@PeteyMiami Absolutely correct. I am not in any way a bio guy, but about two decades ago I had conversations with two researchers who were working on this stuff. It was early days with no marketing, and they had no problem using the term virus. At that time, I believe they were trying to use viruses to insert DNA. The field has since moved to RNA.

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I think technically a virus needs to have the ability to self replicate. The mRNA creates the same lipid envelope with the same genetic material to perpetuate the cycle. This is like a sterile virus but only half sterile because it replicate parts but not a self enclosed thing.

Does make me wonder. This is a step to making fully synthetic viruses. Could this have been an experiment to get there?

@average_random_joe @PeteyMiami I think this is an application of decades of engineering.

@PeteyMiami I would disagree, strongly, but I almost agree. The vaccine lacks the ability to replicate. It won’t repackage a copy of its mRNA and exit the cell with the ability to infect again. But yeah, it’s pretty darn close.

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