@PeteyMiami I see an alternative future timeline where these fools steal the election... the cards never lie.


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Nationwide mask mandate for over three months?? WTF is it with the non-effective BS masks?!?! At first I thought, well they know it works, has proof... go looking... find the opposite is true. They might as well be napkins taped on our mugs. Then I read it’s a satanic ritual of cleansing... that’s crazy talk!

At this point, given all we’ve seen/been though... is it so crazy?

If masks are the ticket, why do we have to purchase them? Would it not behoove the Gov to supply masks to all through some BS Act? I mean it's coming out of our pocket regardless but that way would dispel most peoples disbelief in mask's effectiveness. So much doesn't add up.

Today is the 33rd Thursday of the year


“We want to defend our families and our citizens. Well and to close this, this story is really quite simple. If you look behind the curtains, you’ll see ok, this medical story with COVID-19, we have the facts – IT’S A SCAM – IT’S FAKE.”

“So we need to ask who gets the benefit out of this and who has got the power to CREATE THIS FAKE.”

“Well and the target, it’s about you. You the citizens, you and the economy, it’s about the economy stupid. It’s about the economy.”

New Zealand now has "Quarantine Camps"

Makes sense.
Mass shooting a year ago.
Gun laws.
Internment camps.


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