All the vaxxhole co-workers are so bold now... braggadocious and even laughing at anyone who says they're not getting it like THAT'S the only question that matters now.

Why do I feel bad for thinking I'll probably have the last laugh come fall?

oh.. somehow missed this.. I must've been in a store sans mask, like always, when the news broke.

"Whitmer said Michigan will do away with the face masks mandate for everyone who is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on July 1. After that, there will be no more statewide mask order."

Oh thank you Führer!!

Goes along with "you have to bake my gay wedding cake" and "FB and twitter are a private company."

These people are sick wack jobs. Do they think that sounds appealing on microphone smacking down on some nasty fast food? The incentive here isn’t the data which should stand on its own merits for vaccination but rather here Americans, eat some more crap and get fatter don’t go outside and get healthy…

WTF?!? I've never heard anything about an oil disaster looming... is that like "Pre-cancerous" or "pre-dead"?

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown order came amid environmental concerns about the pipeline, specifically a section below the Straits of Mackinac, calling it a “ticking time bomb” for an oil spill that could spread into the channel which links Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

@PeteyMiami /r/LockdownSkepticism/ is still up too, although they're kinda pro-vaccine now. /r/MaskSkepticism was banned yonks ago

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