Dog woke me up at 3a and now I can't get back to sleep because my tailbone is sore. WTF is going on with me?!

Are you a comedy fan? I love comedy specials! Some comedians play to their crowd and some work the road, put themselves in uncomfortable places to figure out how to be funny to as many people as possible.

David Spade's new Netflix special is a fine example of playing to your crowd. I didn't find it particularly funny. If you're a David Spade fan, you'll probably love it. If not, you might want to skip it.

Have you enjoyed a comedy special recently? If so, I'd love your recommendation. 😉

Spoke to a good friend who moved to NY City before the pandemic. He was one of my best friends when we lived in Austin, but life gets busy and its been a couple of years since we've connected.

His long term girlfriend is getting a PhD in social work (aka social justice) at Columbia. He was always a political moderate. But hearing how easily he said "since everyone here is double vaxxed and boosted" made me a little sick.

One good pick from Zion Don shame he was not on the Supreme Court instead of that wanker Kavanaugh.

ITM, calling all GA Producers! If you're in the south side of the Atlanta area and are interested in attending a meetup, most likely in Newnan, let me know!

100% this! Accurate description of what's really happening.

I am back again with more US peoples convoy news I have joined the convoy and started live streaming the journey back to dc for the second time. My channel can be found here if you want to ride along.

You can find out how the convoy is fighting for freedom and an end to the emergency declaration at

Ps @darrenoneill yes this is the mud pig that used to write into grumpy old bens. Just in case you remember me and were wondering.

The Lotus Podcast is where @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I talk spirituality, healing, and ascending to a higher consciousness.

The most recent episode, which was recorded last Saturday, and, also, after ascending to a higher consciousness, we talk about dreams. Enjoy!

We'll also be LIVE on the No Agenda Stream after the big show on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday with a new episode!

>3 days ago through the power of autism I began meticulously cataloguing and archiving every single instance of a major fire or incident at food processing plants, large farms, grain/cereal storage/processing facilities, and warehouses that store fertilizer and ag related chemicals and large equipment meant for industrial level farms going back to 2019.

Attention All God Loving People

Abortion, LGBTQ and all the other stuff that makes you angry and you think is anti God,

He knows about it and allows it.
It's all part of Gods master plan,
STOP QUESTIONING GODS PLAN you stupid fucks. The guy is omnipotent, not you.

He knows everything past present and future, nothing happens he doesn't know about, you cannot fool God people.

If this triggers you, you need to have a chat with God, not me, he is the one running the game.

Good morning my Washington State NA family!

The WA State Board of Health is trying to make the covid shot mandatory for children to attend school!!!

They are hosting a short survey here:

Please take 3 min and send them your feedback and boost this so we get the message out.

@patrickmccanna @MrsShill @shill @PhoneBoy

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