The Value for Value model applies not only to the best podcast in the universe, it applies to life, the universe, and everything. You get what you put out there in return…and then some.

I was in Montana from Thursday thru Monday. Lolo hot springs for the MT State Cannabis Festival. Such a great group of people! Lots of great music, chill people and laughs. I "highly" recommend it next year to all of you slaves within driving distance.

Any CDL drivers out there? Looking to get CDL in MN. May study and test. Anyone have an recommendations, or insight? FIL recommended I get free CDL training through bus driving job. Anyone know if there are part-time options to get CDL training through companies? Jw. It's a first step. Any guidance would be great.. thanks!

This is just crazy talk from Rand Paul. "... know the individual is the member of a terrorist group before droning him."

@adam May I kindly ask to boost this toot? 🙏

Before this plandemic my partner used to work in a dance studio in NSW, Australia. Attached is a letter she received today from her dance studio management. Sweet thing. People are themselves willing to put a collar on their necks.

Tuesday, Sept 14th is the LAST DAY to vote in the gubernatorial RECALL election! VOTE YES!


CA has same-day registration.
Find your voting location & GO VOTE YES!

This might come in handy.


Legal Guidance Against Mandates

We recently compiled a list of law firms that you may call if you believe your rights are being infringed upon by your employer, school, college, or any group that discriminates against you for not complying with their vaccine or mask mandates.

The List:

Liberty Counsel

Liberty Institute

Pacific Justice Institute

Does anyone know how to find No Agenda groups on Telegram?

I love this story! This lady started powerlifting at age 89!!!

It's never too late to start something new.

Hey NAS family, I am looking for a health insurance alternative, like . It's similar to insurance where all premiums are aggregated into a single pool and costs are shared among the subscribers. Does anyone have another organization like this that they have used and can refer me to?

Does anyone own a business in Michigan or is involved in the process of vaccine status validation?

I am wondering what kind of info/database is available to employers to query to verify if someone was vaccinated.

Here are 63 studies (44 peer reviewed) all showing substantial benefits of treating Covid with Ivermectin. I cringe when I see someone on a news program or on Twitter saying that there is no evidence that it will help. Tweet this on Twitter or anywhere else where you see someone making that claim:

"We thought it was going to be really terrible, but it only ended up being a little terrible. Vaccines work."

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thanks to the NO AGENDA SHOW here is my blister pack, including ivermectin.

Here is an article from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stating that "Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin."

I was in Boston yesterday where makes are mandated. Went to lunch did not wear a mask. No one said anything no one cared. Others did the same.

This will never end if people don't resist these ridiculous mandates.
Time to stand up and resist. Just say no.

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