Did you know Google tracks your activity across many non-Google websites & apps?

Our Founder & CEO, @yegg, explains how Google tracks you and how you can take back your privacy with DuckDuckGo today.


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Some rascals from ISIS and Boko Haram managed to pass from Belarus to Lithuania. All successfully caught at the border.

Anyway @yukiame if islamists and taliban from syria iraq yemen afghanistan aso are such valuable assets and resource then why german border guard and police are reinstantiating polish-german border?

By my reasoning, all countries that were negatively affected by communist dumb ideology of frau merkel induced through brussels wrt open borders, should indeed open the external borders of eu and dump all that human trash to germany including sending full bill with all costs of refugee camps.

@yukiame @PawelK

you say that like it's only gonna happen to one "member state"...

@yukiame , according to brightest of our western neighbours, would it suffice if we go neutral wrt to co2 emissions or shall we cut all emissions to round zero?


Yep, frenz even dumb jermain rulers realize no cap on co2 emissions price and dumb renewables frenzy will lead to germany being cut off from electricity and heating in winter.

Seems cretins leading country to collapse on both economy, energy and immigration/demographics fronts, they will need adolf again.

Brave Search Replaces Google as Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser


People getting on Pete Buttigieg for being MIA for the last two months while the supply chain crisis kept getting worse are making a huge assumption… that if he were around, that he would make things better.

When is DARPA going get off their lazy fucking asses and make a robo dog that shoots gay frogs at the unvaxxed?

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