@PawelK @Mummabear "mass jabber" situation. "Run, Hide, Fight"....also a good movie.

On pšoneks.
Cc @pony @piggo

Something about fragrances in Poland.

"Root for our team with long beans.

Add more wind into the sails of white and red ones.

Long beans - 4.90pln/kg"

Intellectually/ideologically, indonesian government including past ones is so beautifully mistaken. It believes and spreads this stupidity with daawa, that the cause of islamist extremism is not enough nationalism.
Jokowi is such a beautiful nakba.

Thankfully us goodies have been deployed and are monitoring this mess and reporting on it.

Probably totally irrelevant.

On a funny sidenote 1, history of my family is rather unknown before ww2 as times were messy.

On a funny sidenote 2, there are 81 shoah victims in database who carried my family name but most clustered around rather remote geographical area but on a same continent.

Whoah I must be drunk.

‼ IMPORTANT – 🇺🇸🤝🇺🇦 White House denies pausing military aid package to Ukraine

The White House on Friday denied holding back security assistance from Ukraine hours after a Politico article said that officials had paused a package including lethal assistance worth up to $100 million.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a statement Friday afternoon calling the idea that the White House has held back security assistance to Ukraine “NONSENSE.”


Very nice light and music show in front of warehouse storing firecrackers in moscow today. What a beautiful nakba.


The 🇺🇸🤦‍♂️ US fell victim to a Russian disinformation attack. Russia simply announced withdrawal of troops so the Biden admin froze $100M in military aid.
In fact, there is no withdrawal. Russia is still attacking and mobilizing for an offensive against Ukraine.

limited sample size aside here are comments on the WHO facebook post about vaccines. The 'get a jab' push may end before September. By next year could be an 'well CoVid isn't that bad anyway so have it your way' message

I think its time to shiw those dorks that the disinfirmation dozen is actually a disinfirmation 500mln.


Whos joining with me? It will be a honour to join methinks.

replacing my 8 year old logitech c920 that finally broke with... another c920, crazy how it's still the best webcam on the market all these years later

@PawelK I'm sure you'll find people that will be paying to pee on these too ;)

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