Due to retarded law in Poland making publisher co-liable for user comments they could use a feature of optional required acceptance of each comment by admin/moderátor before making specific comment public. Also thinking how to act on users who's comments fail the gateway. I hate bans. Could be contributed to hated FB too. Still better than bans imho.

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@PawelK @don Mitra is experimenting with blockchain. It has a very straightforward aesthetic, too.

I haven't looked too much into it, but I'm already interacting with them from SPC.

@martin did ya ever see podlibre.org and on other hand podbean android app?

Long time no hear, anyway, how is podfriend development doing? Any chance to get newer version?

Could blogspot including importantly comment section be cloned but based on fediverse?

I might have mentioned it already but I think I should think more about additional use of mastodon/ActivityPub.

Let's say I got a news portal like one from newspaper. Couple or more articles are published per day. I wanna add comments session. I could use Facebook comment module orrrr... Yupp some kind of fediverse product.

Identity provider/controller/verifier could be either residing on my external server or be outsourced but still not centralized plus federalizable.


@don @PawelK I've taken note of Mitra's project and it is definitely interesting. I'm considering federating with them soon.

@PawelK Sounds like a huge amount of work, to rewrite mastodon. If going this way, the solution could be take one of activitypub implementation which already compiles to binary, like rust or go
fediverse.party/en/miscellaneo , then add a mastodon API so you could use mastodon fronted and apps. For me, this project looks promising codeberg.org/silverpill/mitra

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Amazing work by @LinuxJedi
Hopefully we end up with a real usable system, much better than the #amiga mini. In fact I will put this inside the Amiga mini twitter.com/LinuxJedi/status/1

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Finally got the timings right and USB mouse working so that I could run SysInfo. So I now have a 112MHz Amiga Minimig running from an ULX3S! (despite the MHz the screenshot reads).
Need to get PS/2 and joystick support added at some point, but this is pretty cool 🙂

@DaemonFools @PawelK and when I say “proportional”, I obviously mean that, for example, CA already gets 54 votes to South Dakota’s 3. So CA’s population difference is already factored into the E/C.

@PawelK @Hyolobrika @princesalde @Gargron

Yeah. Nothing prevents modding.

Like our server has a 64k character limit, because it is a scientific server. Having room for large attention span communication seems kind of important.

What Twitter needs is a good enema. Looks like it's going to get it.

Chinese fixed zen10k powerbank state machine is a fucking nightmare. Hate it. I plug the cable to charge mobile, bank is topped, current stops after some fucking timeout without saying. If not notification led on cable I'd haeno fucking clue if it's charging or not. Fuck Chinese products.

@PawelK @ryanleesipes

It is a desktop program.
For mobile (Android) mail I would recommend K9 mail app.

Both Thunderbird and K9 support GMail and any IMAP/POP3 mail server.
For ProtonMail you need a bridge for PC and no way for mobile custom app, it's by design by proton, as they don't provide pure IMAP login option.

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