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When @eriner sets up his paypal page, let's donate until he says "Fuck it, let's expand to 15,000."

This Bowl's For You!

I announce special visits with future buds, @Laurien smuggles dead lizards onto the lanes, Sir Rev. makes a triumphant return and callers get passionate:

Thanks to producers:
aaaand Tom Brady!

Matteo's sugar free irish cream sweetener is so good with two coconut espressos, ice, rum, shot of cream and some oat milk. Like a baileys pint.

I wonder if Twitter will be liable for stopping all anti vax info when the truth comes out. Excess deaths in UK is like a 9/11 every 4 to 5 days now.

I was suspended by Twitter as i was staring at a pile of proxy vote forms considering how to vote on the merger. I got you @elonmusk ... Fist bump.

The Elvis movie was entertaining. I see the director has a 4 hour cut. Id watch that.

Just wrapped a lovely ! Joining @Laurien and I tonight was @PaulTheBookGuy!

We talked mobile gear, Toronto weed and the best audio books to listen to when you're baked!

from when I started my health journey five years ago. Who knew it’d be such a complete transformation. Way more than physical, y’all.

I was at the front when the trucks arrived in Toronto yesterday. Totally peaceful but some tense situations with the Police. As it was a one day protest, everyone departed later in the evening.

Likely trucks will be back next week.

BITCOIN FOR TRUCKERS: Uncensorable Money Helps Freedom Fighters

@sirseatsitter @madchuck @Billistic @darrenoneill @ChrisWilson @GWFF @Frankenbones @ThatLARRYSHOW @melodiousowls @Boo_BuryMothman @lavish @Lennoxxreverb @CarBlanez33 @Medus @cretched @PaulTheBookGuy @wjmaggos I do believe that @AbleKirby and I are missing from that list. And with me available throughout the day, I do desire to be able to pop in and scream invectives at the other guests at will.

I interviewed the PPC candidate who is running against Conservative leader Erin O’Toole tonight:

If you wanna have hostile arguments, there's a great place for that called twitter. Let's keep NAS friendly, because we are all friends here after all.

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