RT @WimThiery: Our @VUBrussel colleague Prof. Djalali is about to be executed in Iran. He was convicted after a manifestly unfair trial for refusing to spy for the Iranian authorities. I just wrote a letter to the Iranian Embassy to express my deepest concern about the situation. #SaveAhmadreza t.co/p7K73QvjoD t.co/citvnzW1UG

RT @HansMahncke: 16% Biden voters would’ve not voted for Biden had the media not covered up the fact that the Biden family is being investigated by the FBI.
t.co/tbWLuIQNjc t.co/XNvdPxyWLX

RT @HansMahncke: 60% of Biden voters didn't know that Facebook and Twitter was censoring on his behalf. t.co/cPcCN49UtI

RT @inesanma: Yesterday, thousands of users of @Twitter in Spain called for Catholic priests to be burned alive, making it trending topic for hours.

The social network, apparently, does not consider a call to set priests on fire to be in violation of its norms 🧐


BREAKING: Football legend Diego Maradona has died at age 60 - AP

Several Penguin Random House Canada employees confronted management about the company’s decision to publish a new book by controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson at an emotional town hall Monday, and dozens more have filed anonymous complaints.


Scottish "Hate crime bill": Saying trans women aren’t women could break the law

BREAKING: OANN suspended from YouTube for 'misinformation' following Democrat complaints. t.co/tYDyg1nw7o

‘Styles may change, details may come and go, but the broad demands of aesthetic judgement are permanent.’

- Sir Roger Scruton

|Château du Marais| t.co/LOh4L1AUVL

New houses under construction in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, in conjunction with the Prince’s Foundation.

It is thanks to HRH The Prince of Wales that architecture is undergoing a revival in the United Kingdom. t.co/xeEo0QfbdU

BREAKING: GSA Administrator Emily Murphy authorizes Joe Biden to receive resources under the Presidential Transition Act

Sometimes I imagine my mirror is actually a portal to another dimension that is the same in every way except their version of me is less attractive.

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