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Right. Before 2021, adults were always required to present proof of vaccination to engage in domestic travel, enter venues, and participate in other normal activities

This insistence on pretending that there's nothing at all new about current proposals is complete "gaslighting" t.co/nogpyMceAH

"Libs with a hilarious self-own trending .
After years of crying about voter ID as a supposedly "racist" restriction on voting rights, the left is now un-ironically calling for vax cards to be required to vote...You know, an ACTUAL restriction on voting rights."


In case you missed the story:

"Extensive location-based hookup or dating app usage is evident within the walls of Vatican City, in restricted areas of St. Peter’s Basilica, inside Vatican City government and Holy See’s administration buildings including those used by the Vatican’s diplomatic staff, in residential buildings, and in the Vatican Gardens, both during daytime hours and overnight."


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"Something I'd really like to know. Was the Vatican blackmailed into signing and renewing the suicidal pact with Beijing, which had access to data from the then Chinese-owned app Grindr?"


Bill Maher: "How bad does this atmosphere we're living in have to get before the people who say cancel culture is overblown admit that it is in fact an insanity that is swallowing up the world? "


"If conservatives had the discipline to stop watching sportsball for a year, advertising revenue would tank and the woke stuff would be over."


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If these COVID tweets and articles had come from right-wing sites or independent journalists -- instead of the NYT and WPost -- they would have been labelled as misinformation, deleted or banned from social media platforms.

Censorship regimes always favor the establishment: nitter.poast.org/mtracey/statu

This is like some creepy humiliation ritual -- from a medical school professor petrified of punishment:

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In Japan, my book Loserthink got changed to Winnerthink and they added their own cover design. I’m not sure they captured the essence of it.

NOW - Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in Paris, Nice, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg, Reims, Toulouse, Marseille, and many more cities across France to protest vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.


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It's indescribably chilling how -- since the pandemic began -- Big Tech monopolies have banned any questioning of or dissent from official COVID orthodoxy. As that orthodoxy morphs and changes, so too do the rules of what's permitted and banned: a frightening template. nitter.poast.org/GraduatedBen/

No matter how many times public health officials got caught lying, misleading or just having erred, the Big Tech dedication to banning any questioning of them has somehow intensified, acclimating everyone to the idea that the internet will not allow dissent of official views.

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The Founding Father of MSNBC liberalism calls for the banning of one of the country's most popular YouTubers from Twitter and every other internet platform. It's hard to overstate how authoritarian is US liberalism: begging for corporate censorship is one of their leading tools:

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More TV anchors are getting tired of the bad scripts they're told to read.

Brenton Awa, anchor for KITV in Honolulu. He says he’s no longer with his TV station after a fiery showdown with the executives over journalism and dissemination of false information.

JUST IN - Australia sends in the ARMY to enforce it's "Zero Covid" lockdown: Soldiers and police will patrol Sydney alongside helicopters with blaring sirens telling people to disperse or they’ll get fined.

JUST IN - U.S. House adjourned for a 6-week August recess without passing an extension of the eviction moratorium which expires Saturday, leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes.

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First Big Tech censored speech. Now they are blocking access to the financial system, which may be even worse. I’m particularly dismayed to see PayPal, a company I helped create, leading the charge. Thanks to @bariweiss for running my guest post.


David Sacks: Get Ready for the 'No-Buy' List

First Big Tech censored speech. Now they want to shut deplorables out of the financial system.


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