Excerpt from article in today's Denver Gazette

Are cicadas edible?
You bet. There's even a University of Maryland cookbook. You can start with cicada dumpling appetizers, move to "El Chirper Tacos" and finish off with "Chocolate-Chip Trillers," which are cicada cookies, Raupp's favorite.
They have a buttery texture, a delicious, nutty flavor, probably from tannins, from the roots of the trees on which they fed," Raupp says. "And they're going to be really good with a Merlot."


Plot twist. The mosquitos are actually genetiaclly modified to carry and inject the COVID vax.

@ParkerTechGuy what do you think the chances are they tested the males mating with females and then the females biting people who have the new vaccines?

@ParkerTechGuy โ€œa cause of death has not been revealedโ€

Well, we can rule out Covid.

This may be problematic...

Bill Gates-Funded Company Released Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in United States for the First Time

If successful, some 20 million additional genetically modified mosquitoes will be released later in the year.


Had to get out and mow the backyard...before we get some more snow this coming week.

I hate to be pessimistic but I feel like the April jobs numbers are going to be considered good soon. In a couple of months weโ€™ll look at Aprilโ€™s numbers and long for the โ€œgood old days of 266K jobsโ€.

Same thing every blue-state governor is currently thinking

Just substitute 'Freedom' for 'Happiness'

@ParkerTechGuy is it bad that I only recognize Elon Musk and doge?

@ParkerTechGuy This is one of the reasons why doing nothing is anathema to politicians. If you do nothing, then you can't take credit for it. It can always be spun by your opponents as a sign you are uncaring and incompetent. However, if you do something you can take credit if it works and blame something or someone else if it doesn't.

Biden predicts 1 million jobs.

If he got them, he would say his policies were successful.

If not, then we need more COVID spending.


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