Legendary singer and actor Meat Loaf dies aged 74
The Grammy winner, who was born Marvin Lee Aday, passed away on Thursday night with his wife Deborah by his side. In a statement on Facebook, his family said he was "an inspiring artist and beautiful man." His cause of death has not been confirmed. Written and composed by Jim Steinman, Meat Loafโ€™s 1977 debut album Bat Out of Hell remains one of the best-selling albums in US history with more than 14 million units sold.

Wow, that was quick. I got a message from PayPay this morning saying that AliExpress had sent my refund.


All the politically motivated baseless prosecution attempts of the last several years, but this is the one where they decide to pull the plug.

I'd wager that the new information was an instruction to drop it.

Dispute Update: The mediator decided that my complaint (battery capacity not as advertised), was valid. They only approved a $45 refund however.

After a lot of research (which I should have done first), I found that pretty much every battery that was close to the 150Ah I thought I was getting cost about $500 for 4 cells. The ones I got (86Ah CATL cells) are usually about $200 for 4. So, my cost ended up being $388 for 8 cells-not bad. So I have two 86Ah batteries to play with and learn from.

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An Intuitive (and Short) Explanation of Bayesโ€™ Theorem

* Tests are not the event. We have a cancer test, separate from the event of actually having cancer. We have a test for spam, separate from the event of actually having a spam message.

* Tests are flawed. Tests detect things that donโ€™t exist (false positive), and miss things that do exist (false negative). People often use test results without adjusting for test errors.

Government Issues New, More Accurate COVID Tests That Are Just A Coin You Flip

"50% accurate is a huge upgrade."

Official CDC guidance states the test can be performed with any spare change, but that best results are achieved with the official government-issued coin toss quarter.


I fully expect the Dems to lose the senate in November. The first order of business of Republicans should be to eliminate the 60 vote threshold for the filibuster just to see all the Democrats (and their M5M partners) who are demanding it right now have to do a complete 180 flip and publicly prove their hypocrisy.

@ParkerTechGuy bad boys โ€ฆ but Violet โ€ฆ

Who the hell taught me that? Itโ€™s horrible. Lol.

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