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I'm just glad I stopped procrastinating and got in before it filled. I just need to pick a better name now heh.

@ParkerTechGuy But it is not a matter of shame. It is a matter of national security. Somebody has to know this is wrong enough to to something about him

@ParkerTechGuy After what they went though on Jan 6 we should be thanking those who stood today for their courage in the face of tyranny ๐Ÿ˜Ž

So, what ended up happening at Insurrection 2.0?

I haven't really been paying attention. Although, I didn't get any Breaking News alerts on my phone...

General Milley Is Releasing A Revised Version Of 'The Art Of War' -- And We've Got Exclusive Excerpts

"Know thy pronouns, and know thy enemy's pronouns" and more great advice from General Milley himself:

"You have to be careful not to surprise your enemy. They really don't like it."

"Treason is not treason if it is the lesser of two treasons."


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