Trump Solves Global Warming By Running White House AC With The Windows Open

The Earth immediately cooled down, and records indicated a shocking 10-degree drop in global temperatures within an hour of the genius act.

Flynn update:

Judge Sullivan refuses to give up - and asks the DC Circuit for a rehearing (en banc) on the dismissal of the Flynn case.

Allegation: the DC Circuit granting of mandamus "threatens the orderly administration of justice."

Full doc:

Apparently Shep' new show on CNBC will feature "Fact-based storytelling". Is that a euphemism for Fake News?

Liberals Worried That Without Cancel Culture They'd Actually Have To Defend Their Ideas

Progressives have felt a growing anxiety over the thought of losing cancel culture and having to stand by their ideas and defend them with logic.

Our local news just reported a fire on BLM land. The reporter apparently felt he had to clarify that BLM meant Bureau of Land Management.

@ParkerTechGuy Kanye West has selected Kanye West as his running mate. "He's the only one I can trust" said one of them.

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