@darrenoneill sorry for your loss Darren. You were missed today. Hope your family is doing as well as possible.

@Kennyben ITM! Nice to see you posting. Hopefully now you are in the care of your pups at home.

@nessworks ITM! Glad you were able to contribute to today's show in real time. Much respect for your artwork!

@Kennyben congrats on the win Kendra! Your art was one of my favorites today!🤣 🤣 🤣

@Tante_Neel I think the comment might have been FAQs for Hacks?

@CSB I'm a DUDE! It's a running dialogue with John and Adam. I've edited my Art Generator page location field to inform the curious : noagendaartgenerator.com/artis

Hello Krispy Kreme! ... I need me one of them blank vaccine cards @adam and @Johncdvorak were chatting about...for entertainment purposes of course. 1 FREE donut a day from tomorrow to the end of the year = 53,960 FREE calories. I fear the list of vaccine side effects just got longer...

Looking forward to it @Tante_Neel ! It is a very funny thing. I am with Adam on the issue btw.

@adam @Johncdvorak Another fine show fellows. TYFYC. John, you mis-artisted my work. I blame it on the PBR. Glad you enjoyed the backmasking piece. OK bye.

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