One thing that bothers me is calling people from the US, "Americans". We are not the only Americans, as anyone in North or South America are also Americans.

Obama deporting 3 million Americans could just mean we deported 3 million non-European/African/Asian/Oceanians. "American" doesn't mean US citizen in my eyes.

In the newsletter, JCD says there were no rape charges against Assange, but penetrating a woman without her consent (sleeping) or after breaking the condom before penetration constitutes two rape charges in my book.

I'm not saying the women are 100% truthful, but that's what a court of law is for, to sort it out.

I just got a very convincing phishing email, from ME! It stated it was emailing from my email address because it had gotten into my device due to the virus it had installed on my system when I was visiting a porn site. It also was requesting $1000 in bitcoin or it was going to release a video of me watching that porn to all my contacts.

Here's the kicker, though. As "convincing" as it was, it was sent to my work email, which had labelled it as an external email. Fishy phishing indeed.

MGM Grand Airlines. They only ran one route, LA to NY. Every seat was first class. Number of seats? No, really?

@adam, ever fly MGM?

I would have flown Hooters, but I have only flown to see my wife, or for work, so when would I have flown it?

So, McDonnalds is starting to use AI and machine learning at it's order terminals. If you order a Big Mac after 4, it may suggest fries and a drink, etc.

This will eventually happen:

Me: I would like a shake, please!
Kiosk: Would you like some fries to go with that shake?
Guy at counter: Shake machine's broken!

It's early, but this looks like the 2019 Eurovision winner this year:

He has twice better odds to win at the moment than second place, Russia.

I've heard all songs at least 4 times now, and I agree. It's got a Sam Smith adjacent sound to it.

So, Trump campaign is trying to tell media who they can't use, since these people were all in on collusion.

HuckSands posted a tournament bracket to Twitter that was all the collusioners, and "you decide" who was the biggest liar.

When this victory lap is over, will they ever start looking presidential? If Clinton got elected and was pulling this shit the right would have had 4-5 aneurysms by now.

@adam I'm a big GTA fan/player, and I didn't remember this Adam/Area 53 thing. That's because the show is called Area 53 (a rip-off of Coast to Coast) and Adam is a DJ who calls into the show to say he saw someone doing rituals in the desert, and that winds up being the "Art Bell" host (Marvin Trill).

The station, West Coast Talk Radio, was in the San Andreas game, which was released in 2005.

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