Even if you take out NY and NJ for Democrats, the statline is still worse than Republicans:

Totals: 110,735,751 31,770 2410 38.4

I have a problem with the graphic @Johncdvorak used in the newsletter. NY and NJ are extreme outliers. They were first hit because most visitors come to the US there, and New York is densely populated. Massachusetts (Charlie Baker, 2015) and Maryland (Larry Hogan, 2015) have Republican governors. States like Georgia (2000+ deaths), North Carolina (900+), and Mississippi (800+) are Republican and are not on the list even though they are worse than what's on.

I know @adam and @Johncdvorak thought people were laughing at Andrew Yang on stage at the debates, but didn't the moderator say "Boot-a-judge" right before the laughs?

Thanks to @adam for choosing my Obama nonono song during donations today. @Johncdvorak loves those calypsos.

One thing that bothers me is calling people from the US, "Americans". We are not the only Americans, as anyone in North or South America are also Americans.

Obama deporting 3 million Americans could just mean we deported 3 million non-European/African/Asian/Oceanians. "American" doesn't mean US citizen in my eyes.


In the newsletter, JCD says there were no rape charges against Assange, but penetrating a woman without her consent (sleeping) or after breaking the condom before penetration constitutes two rape charges in my book.

I'm not saying the women are 100% truthful, but that's what a court of law is for, to sort it out.

I just got a very convincing phishing email, from ME! It stated it was emailing from my email address because it had gotten into my device due to the virus it had installed on my system when I was visiting a porn site. It also was requesting $1000 in bitcoin or it was going to release a video of me watching that porn to all my contacts.

Here's the kicker, though. As "convincing" as it was, it was sent to my work email, which had labelled it as an external email. Fishy phishing indeed.

MGM Grand Airlines. They only ran one route, LA to NY. Every seat was first class. Number of seats? No, really?


@adam, ever fly MGM?

I would have flown Hooters, but I have only flown to see my wife, or for work, so when would I have flown it?

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