I watched the whole Spirit Airlines video, and something John and Adam didn't report is the "white privileged" seemed to prevail. They got a black security guard to escort the Black California Queen off the plane.

@Johncdvorak would be happy to know I drove through Gnaw Bone, Indiana yesterday. It's a little bump in the road kind of place on Indiana 46 east of Bloomington, south of Indianapolis. I had been through there several times before on the way to Nashville, IN, and never noticed it.

As a Bears fan, in 2017 with Matt Nagy the new head coach, and Mitch Trubisky drafted as the QB of the future, with Kaep out there I wondered, why not? Instead they signed Mike Glennon. Mike had one decent season in Tampa…. In 2013. He lasted 4 games before Trubisky took over, and got paid $12mil. I always wonder how much better things would have gone with Kaep.

So, there was a competition to see who would start at the beginning of the year, and Chip chose Blaine Gabbert, who finished the previous season as the starter. By week 6 Gabbert’s stats were abysmal, and Kelly made the switch. Keap finished the season with 2200 yards, 16td, 4ints and a 90.7 QB rating. While not superstar stats, they are decent stats on a terrible team with another terrible coach…

Could Kaepernick still play in the NFL? I think so, here's why. In 2015, his last full season before he started protesting, it was his worst season in the NFL. But due to injury, he only played 9 games, and his coach was Jim Tomsula, who was terrible. They brought in Chip Kelly to coach in 2016. Chip had a great offensive scheme that worked well in college, but failed in 3 years at Philly. He still got hired in SF. He thought Kaep's athleticism was not a good fit for this offense....

Something irked me during the last show. John said he thought Kaepernick may still be getting paid by the 49ers. If you get cut by a team, you don't get paid by them anymore, it's that simple. But in some instances, if that player isn't picked up, that contract will still count against the cutting team's salary cap. It's a certain percentage, I'm not aware of the details, but I have heard this several times. But he didn't get cut. He got out of the contract himself. He's not getting paid.

Even if you take out NY and NJ for Democrats, the statline is still worse than Republicans:

Totals: 110,735,751 31,770 2410 38.4

I have a problem with the graphic @Johncdvorak used in the newsletter. NY and NJ are extreme outliers. They were first hit because most visitors come to the US there, and New York is densely populated. Massachusetts (Charlie Baker, 2015) and Maryland (Larry Hogan, 2015) have Republican governors. States like Georgia (2000+ deaths), North Carolina (900+), and Mississippi (800+) are Republican and are not on the list even though they are worse than what's on.

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