@adam I'm a big GTA fan/player, and I didn't remember this Adam/Area 53 thing. That's because the show is called Area 53 (a rip-off of Coast to Coast) and Adam is a DJ who calls into the show to say he saw someone doing rituals in the desert, and that winds up being the "Art Bell" host (Marvin Trill).

The station, West Coast Talk Radio, was in the San Andreas game, which was released in 2005.

@adam Do you have the source of that video on MSNBC where they say more crimes are committed by illegal immigrants in Texas? All I could come up with is this.

The woman in the clip is introduced as Julia. Only Julia on MSNBC I can find is Julia Ainsley. So I searched there, and found a video with Julia Ainsley on the MSNBC show Velshi & Ruhle saying the exact opposite:


It's at 4:00. She even says Texas is the only state to take the statistic. Did you get duped?

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Oh my god. This is just sensational. Please watch and retweet.

Okay, so "late term abortions" (not partial birth abortions, which aren't even a thing) are abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy. Someone who wrote a bill was asked if her bill in Virginia would allow for abortion even if the mother were dilating, and she said yes. @adam played this exchange and raged about it.

Ask a doctor, though, and they will say, "What in the actual medical fuck are they talking about?"


I think I've figured out the angle for our SB winner. Rams coach Sean McVey is half the age of Bill Bellechick, who is... 66.

Donald Trump in 1999:


Trump: I cringe at the thought of abortion, but I'm pro-choice.

Q: Even partial birth abortions?

Trump: No, I am pro-choice in every respect.

This outrage about the Virginia law is just that, outrage. Late term abortions are rare, and it's up to the doctor on whether the mother's life or health is at risk before it can be done. I don't know a doctor who would abort if the baby was viable and the woman was dilating.


All I can find so far on the 1991 Geo All Star race (that Donny Osmond won).


Racing and hosting the MTV countdown... that's some talent there.

It's funny how some music holds up well, and some doesn't. I loved a-ha's Take On Me when it came out, but it didn't hold up well for me. But the whole Men Without Hats album Rhythm Of Youth is even cheesier and I still love it to death.

@adam, from Austin comes this:

Maybe Don't Charge an E-Scooter If You Plan to Do Crimes


Idiot put a Jump scooter on his own credit card when leaving the scene of a crime. Uber handed over his info. They own Jump scooter.

NY Jet player tackles Patriot mascot, puts him in the hospital (update, just hurt him pretty bad.)

Some are saying because he's a NY Jets player, he should have attacked the Pittsburgh Steelers mascot.

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