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Maybe the democrats could rename themselves to the Bold Sophist party

Spike Cohen on poolboiIrl

Make Resets Great Again

This is MrGa country.

A friendly reminder.
Leftists have no empathy.
They cannot understand that not everyone in the world behaves like them, or may have different motivations.
They can't practice empathy to even learn such things
Its a very sad worldview where money, imutable traits, and social status are the only way to judge each other.
Their are no principles to life, only winning, and winning is at any cost, despite not having a clear or cohesive idea as to what winning means or even looks like.

How can i capture lightning bugs on video better?
Our yard is crazy lit with.

this john steck song is fucking awesome, Great JoB

By my limited search.

The general concensus for the Jewish view on abortion is that its bad.
But. Up to 40 days after conception is ok.
Some are ok with 1st trimester.
Life of the mother always trumps the baby's life.

So the visibly pregnant woman is either dumb or not Jewish. I'll side with dumb.

Would love more insight and to be corrected.

I'm a 15 week person personally, since I can't vote.

I've argued sentience often to attempt to have Lefties understand the topic

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Where does your ethos tell you abortion limits should be. Im curious as I feel most on NAS only agree that the left doesn't understand the conversation.

I'm pro-understanding the topic.
Which is why I lost a lot of friends and had to escape philly.

It was my friends who threw that stupid parade in philly after the news declared biden won.

It sucks when you realize most of your social circle are just mindless npcs.
One friend told me a week ago masking is why he didn't catch covid. A dude I saw sharing dollar bill straws in the middle of covid.
So dumb, so sad.

Looking forward to rnrpreshow

Hey GITMO, ITM! life can be very pretty if you are willing to go and look for it.

Since a kpop group is currently super popular in the us, I had to take a listen to see if kpop still sounds like poorly mixed, automated karaoke.
Still complete garbage.

What's the deal with crap kpop being popular?

Humans cause vast infertility from corporate/government stupidity.

Why does this sound like big pharma causes infertility, Bayer, wef, bigtech, etc, create a dystopia where religios zealots try to come up with some overzealous way to try to save humanity.

And how do they not see themselves as the earth poisoners by supporting abortion, trans for kids, vaccines, and bug food.

Why is thinking about their stupidity so annoyingly painful.

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Those Handmaids are raped in a ritual monthly to produce babies for the "Commanders." The women who are not fertile are either put to use as maids, cooks or sent to the "colonies," which is the toxic part of the US to clean the souls for future generations. Those women usually die within months of rapid progression cancer

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From a friend describing the plot of handmaids tale to me.

The Handmaids Tale is a story world in which fertility has dropped drastically in the world due to the majority of the world being uninhabitable because of toxic soil clauses by chemicals and pollutants. Basically humans fucked the world, and after the fact the IS was taken over by a cult of religious leaders who subject the fertile women to become Handmaids.

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