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This is a long exposure capture from the lightening storm that came up the east coast Saturday night. This was at about 11pm on the sassafras river off the chesapeake bay. The sky was absolutely amazing.

Maybe the democrats could rename themselves to the Bold Sophist party

Spike Cohen on poolboiIrl

Make Resets Great Again

This is MrGa country.

A friendly reminder.
Leftists have no empathy.
They cannot understand that not everyone in the world behaves like them, or may have different motivations.
They can't practice empathy to even learn such things
Its a very sad worldview where money, imutable traits, and social status are the only way to judge each other.
Their are no principles to life, only winning, and winning is at any cost, despite not having a clear or cohesive idea as to what winning means or even looks like.

How can i capture lightning bugs on video better?
Our yard is crazy lit with.

this john steck song is fucking awesome, Great JoB

By my limited search.

The general concensus for the Jewish view on abortion is that its bad.
But. Up to 40 days after conception is ok.
Some are ok with 1st trimester.
Life of the mother always trumps the baby's life.

So the visibly pregnant woman is either dumb or not Jewish. I'll side with dumb.

Would love more insight and to be corrected.

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