@BlueDouche @PakkonenCT Anna has already managed that. When's the last time you heard about them mattering in any way shape or form?

@jeremiah @BlueDouche a couple years ago at best. The real problem is their legacy - of getting purple haired revolutionaries hired at gaming companies and in other entertainment zones in their quest to ascend to Hollywood - which is now collapsing thanks to COVID and bad studio mgt.

@PakkonenCT @BlueDouche much like any disease, their initial victories are knocking over corpses... in the years since, people and industry are becoming immune.

Soon, the Song of the South video game, and Patriarchy: World Conquest will be released on Steam... and then we'll know it's well and truly over.

@jeremiah @BlueDouche lol far too optimistic. That's like saying soon Black people will be picking cotton out of nostalgia.

@PakkonenCT @jeremiah @AtlasFreeman imagine if they actually produced any content instead of whining on podcasts.

@icedquinn @AtlasFreeman @PakkonenCT isn't that like, "imagine they had jobs and did something productive" ?

@sarchasm @PakkonenCT I think it's a lizard person in a poorly executed fursuit who got assigned a shit detail by the other lizard people.

@sarchasm Mr. @PakkonenCT and I were just having this conversation about Mike Obama last night.

@jeremiah @PakkonenCT I was never fully convinced about Michele Obama. For one black females tend to have more testosterone is my understanding (like that tennis player one), and then the fact that her children look like her. I'm open to either option, but I don't have a horse in the race.

@sarchasm that was the spread of the argument: @PakkonenCT says "nay", and I say, "it's possible, wouldn't be surprised either way." Then we talked about standards of evidence for the argument. It's how we impress the ladies.

@jeremiah @PakkonenCT Biological women have an enormous range of masculine traits they can adopt and still present as feminine. Whereas with males I feel put-off if I just see a man wearing a scoop-necked shirt.

@sarchasm @PakkonenCT there's a part of me that likes the story of "Tootsie goes to the White House", but I'm uninvested.

Glam rock was basically trannies with guitars, and so, I have to admit, it doesn't really register as "outside of normal experience."

I do find it funny that boys in dresses have dominated politics and media for the better part of 12 years now, one way or the other, so if attention was the game, they've quite won.

@jeremiah @PakkonenCT Yeah, I didn't think of that. In high school my friends were split between metal and glam. I was metal guy, but I never actually thought of the glam bands as being femenine, just that they looked ridiculous. I guess the Posion album cover was quite womanly, though.

And none of them ever behaved in a gay way, the songs were all about banging women. It's like they applied a faggot filter and it just didn't work, the female fans still wanted to bang these guys with mascara and lipstick.

And then who actually IS the big faggot, Rob Halford of dead butch Judas Priest. But then hindsight is 20\20 and you look back and it's like how the HELL did we all miss that? He always looked gay as hell. It's a weird thing. No offense to Mr. Halford, he can do whatever he likes In The Privacy Of His Own Home as long as he can hit those high notes.

@sarchasm @jeremiah Yeah I saw the glam thing as an extension of KISS and basically clown make up.

@PakkonenCT @sarchasm the same has been said of cross-dressers. The same is true of pretty much everything in the media, one way or the other.

@jeremiah @PakkonenCT It looks like the face of a 50-something year old male photoshopped onto the body of a 20-something male.

The tranny we had at work some many years ago was about 10 times uglier than this, assuming that's a tranny, which I do not know if it is or not. My trans-dar was off then, so I don't know if it's improved or not.
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