LOL Tucker's graphic for having on his fellows shilling their books...

@PakkonenCT @IcyGrillz I’m pretty sure if we meet we’re gonna talk about how much we love America and hate Canada.

@PakkonenCT @Laurien @SirSpencer
Bought this in TX at a craft mall. The merchant has many flavors: hot shit, spicy shit, mild shit, etc. The dip was called Dipshit if I remember correctly.

@PakkonenCT @Laurien @SirSpencer "Nothing tastes quite like Carribean Cock"
Missed advertising opportunity

Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 61 "Mark My Words -- Adam and Moe Touch the third rail -- Boost us on @gopodfriend @spinx_chat @breez_tech @podstation

Someone made a real actual Bullshitometer. Seriously. Check it out:

Piece of shit article in a piece of shit publication. Why do I care about what Fauci will do?

In the business articles like this are known generically as "Blow Jobs."

@chris @PakkonenCT

You have the authorative look of Gandalf, how can you not be right?

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