@SirMathieu I had an exchange with an Aussie prof that does geophysics & exploration for gold when I noticed he had recently published a paper on epidote.

formations of large epidote crystals are good indicators of other valuable mineralizations taking place - but it indicates not a specific process only that some sort of hydrothermal event took place, so minerals deposited via hot high pressure fluid.

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Very true. And it seems to me that this new milieu is actually about conformity and obedience, rather than the supposed promotion of health and well-being.

'Masks Are Symbolic,' say Dr Fauci and The New England Journal of Medicine | Hennessy's View 

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This deserves to be emphasized. 🙌

@PakkonenCT it becomes a gun control issue. we are all the victim.

Both him and the victim (maskless attacker?) were black - so maybe that cancels out the thing? How does blackness stack? Do they do a color swatch and see whose skin is darker to determine who the victim is?

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I wonder if he can make a self defense argument? bwuh? But it's in CA so probably no...but he is black and those lives matter so....hrrrrggnnngghhhhhhh


How long until Boeing can't attract talent to Seattle and starts looking at other cities to move to?

The HQ is the first to go.

What every jackass is missing in analysis of the Oklahoma decision.

It's only about the Major Crimes Act


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