People are still hyping up the Horowitz report that is as late as my Gf's erratic period.

I think it is a mistake. It won't be well done - more like under-cooked Chicken on Bar Rescue.

Dan Crenshaw on #1337 of Rogan? Come on! its 1337 speak. Crenshaw is elite! ahahahahaha funny.


The fuckin’ mooch, ain’t called that for nothing

All prosecutions are political. There is no justice, only power. At least the left gets that right. The right still maintains the fiction of a nation of laws. We are a nation of weapons.

Page's testimony proves this.

The Mooch on Cameo - he'll oh so graciously donate the $100 fee you pay. Which means you're out $100 and HE gets the tax deduction!

Now that's clever.

Chinese propagandists now calling HK protesters secessionists... rhetorical escalation complete - violence now justified.

@ChrisWilson now you have no excuse not to put reverse reverb on all your music lol

@PakkonenCT And let's not forget that the news ignored Zuccotti Park and occupy for months.

@PakkonenCT When this was called "the Arab Spring" and Hillary was taking credit for it, we were 100% behind it. They had signs in english and protests timed for our prime time viewing.

@PakkonenCT @MartinJJ knowing who it was who spoke at the free speech rally in Boston (it was Gavin McInness, who I have the misfortune of having met a few times) would be the cinderella glass slipper.

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