Good morning fedi! :blobgoodmorning:

oh god yes coffee :coffeepot: :blobreachdrool:

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mmm :blobcoffee:

"I'm shocked! Shocked to find gambling going on in the casino!"

You'll Be Shocked the Learn There's Corruption at the Fed

"That's my McDumpster you bigot" - Nick Rekieta

@PakkonenCT I’m the very last person who would know if it did..

@Johncdvorak I guess my anger is directed towards the government more than the citizens, but fuck the Dem citizens too! I don’t know how much longer we can stay here because of their poor voting choices. It makes me resentful of how ignorant people here are, and I feel powerless. It would have been nice to raise our son here but with the way it’s going, it’s foolish to think we’ll survive much less thrive here. I’m heartbroken, frankly.

"UNCOVERED: Journalists FIND Biden As Having "Slave-Owning" PAST!! More Biden Family LIES Uncovered!"
Been saying this for years. XD

The law firm that pays my salary has a team looking into the Biden edict. NOT to see if it's overall legal, BUT if they can get sued by ex-employees for following the edict. It's not about what's best for the employees; it's about what's best for the yearly partner bonuses.

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