Me when I examine some of our shadier foreign policy goals...

Are we the bad guys?

discovers the actual policy of -Ization in DIA documents. THey were trying to repeat Libya in Syria, and we have actual documentation of it.

This is a rarity folks.

@PakkonenCT @yukiame instrumental in conquering the Western frontier - I think we're going to have a much harder time on planets with hostile atmospheres without animals to assist us. These things (horses, burros and the like) have autopilot, find fuel scattered around the landscape, carry giant loads, give a huge advantage over predators, and in a pinch are food for humans.

Someone did a number on this girl in the music business - she's transplanted her experience there to voting...

Just chillin.

muted - using push-to-talk so you don't hear all the background stuff.

come say

California nukes the first amendment from orbit.


@PakkonenCT Frosted Flakes gonna identify as Fruit Loops..

Oh @ProfWorr this is why you is a genius:
I don't believe in money
can be the start of the swan song. The modern walls of Jericho.

Do have a belief in real ASSETS. Not paper, not 0's and 1's. Real assets.

You know, stuff like toilet paper, bars of soap, canned goods, ammunition, herb, decent cutlery, tools, closet full of 80% lowers, plus a loaded gun safe or two.

Worship no false idols.

Credit cards with 18%+++ interest = bad idea too

Fuck the Fed. Fuck Capitol One



That Clinton email investigation seems like a piece of half done work. It looks like there is a lot of cover my ass speak in the report and they (the investigators) seem to be queueing at the sink to wash their hands instead of doing the investigation :-)

This all amazon space-walk was amusing to me because one of them might also be a criminal - then you have the footage of Trump congratulating both of them...oh this is just awkward as heck.

Amusing - blocking javascript on so many websites just annihilates all of their paywall security and ad-blocker detection.

It's like there's one ice cream and people are putting sprinkles on it and calling it a different product.

So lazy.

Big fucking shock.

600+ violations

conclusion: We don't really know if they meant it! Honest! So...uhhh we good?

Me: You all deserve to burn in hell - 8 years and this is the result?

Them: My bad!

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