33slaves.com is what Drudge would be if Matt D. wasn't being held hostage in some blacksite somewhere.




I'm just gonna say it.

The licensing for the podcast apps is fucking trash. Ok awesome they got the rad new podcasting 2.0 features, great. I dig it.

But most of them (except Antennapod which didn't work on my phone correctly for some reason) demand a subscription model.

Bitch do I look like I dig the subscription model? This ain't a fucking service, its an APP. The SERVICE is podcastindex.org, the APP just accesses it and it wants a fucking subscription payment?

Brah, no. Nah brah.

I just wanna see someone with a coffee filter strapped on

@PakkonenCT This one was honestly the only good meme to come out of the bernie thing.

@PakkonenCT lol ok but this guy needs to make is point a lot quicker than an hour and 15 minutes lol

@agates I don't mind paying, I mind a recurring subscription.

Don't try to blow smoke up my ass, that's how you end up paying a fortune over the long run.

There is a reason companies like Adobe went to a sub, and Microsoft is moving there, because it generates way more money but delivers the same thing.

I'll buy good stuff, but I won't buy the same app again and again.

Biden is fu*king over union workers and I love it! They’re getting exactly what they voted for.

Maybe they’ll learn not to be stupid, pathetic lemmings that do whatever the corrupt union bosses tell them to.

@PakkonenCT @shebang @SirMathieu he looks like hes pissed he sold out to hillary when he got robbed

@PakkonenCT im slightly altering the deal.. i will do the national anthem in french so the ladies get all wet

@SirMathieu @PakkonenCT they already did on Inaugleration Day, rioting in Seattle and Portland. That's why the elites are already purging them, almost Night of the Long Knives style.

We’re in a crisis mode,” Cohen had told me earlier. He said he and others had discovered that the Joint Chiefs were creating their own “security compartments” containing operational planning details “for the express purpose of hiding key information from career civilian and political leaders in the Pentagon”—up to and including the secretary of Defense. Talk about a deep state.


@PakkonenCT You remember.

I was pissed that the first latch changed so much.

I've come to understand it frim a mire 'dev' perspective. I never worked games; but I know Dev timelines & issues.

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