@PakkonenCT Gonna try this. I wasn't ever into Gab, but I appreciate the moxie of those behind it.

google is suppressing the search results for this - but here it is.

The Dissenter Browser from Gab.


Facebag and Twatter should have to register as left-wing PACs.

Well Jeb Bush is still out there - and definitely approves of the whole Venezuela op.

"Nuclear power, which has already saved nearly two million lives to date by simply preventing the burning of fossil fuels, and could save many more lives ... " ... "Anti-nuclear ideology aside, the entertainment industry has to fictionalize nuclear disasters for the simple reason that they [nuclear plants] kill so few people."

ARM suspends business with Huawei...

"ARM is a UK-based company (owned by a Japanese conglomerate) that makes pretty much all of the important hardware for phones in today’s market. There are a few others, but most phones are using their solutions."


Samsung Asks Court to Redact Details of Qualcomm Settlement: FT

Because they’re not as generous as Wall Street assumes they are?

@PakkonenCT Once you download the video using youtube-dl, you can rip the audio into a separate file using ffmpeg. Finally, you can use Audacity to chop up the audio file into clips or to touch up the audio quality.

If you aren't comfortable on the command line, there are GUI variants of ffmpeg and youtibe-dl




@Klaatu @TurdFerguson @PakkonenCT The name youtube-dl is a bit of a misnomer. It can download video from lots of sites like Vimeo or Pornhub.

With timecode:

Mueller's aggressive techniques may have caused the miscarriage of GP & wife's child.

Will they be held accountable for this? No.

@ProfWorr @PakkonenCT @NevadaJack

It's uncharitable, but every time I see his name I read "Eric Smallballs".

@PakkonenCT instead of importing unskilled, unemployable immigrants, just pay us to have more kids! WTF man!

That sounds like the worst theatre going experience. And I am comparing that to watching a movie with my parents.

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