This is from Jun 21st. I missed this.

Did AOC Just Admit To Treason Live On Twitter?! Constitutional Law May Say Yes! TikTok Trouble! - YouTube

@Sabex Step two should look Familiar to you once into the editor. @chris @m00se @raintrees @al_kali

@chris I run native but whatever your eyes need. I should point out that you can enlarge text size once you are fully booted. Those boot screens are captured in log file you can read after you are booted. I have Ubuntu installed. I dual boot with Linux Mint. Two totally different menu structures. @m00se @raintrees @al_kali

@chris To change the resolution at that point of the boot process you have to change it in GRUB2 or whatever bootloader that machine is using. Unfortunately, I can not help you over the internet.

@m00se @raintrees @al_kali

@mhjohnson I just opened an account. Looks quiet. I was wondering if it was worth having.

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Woman Who Pulled a Gun On Black Family To Protect Herself Tells Her Side of the Story [VIDEO] - DJHJ Media

Black Lives Matter Beheads Statue of Immigrant Who Died Fighting to End Slavery - DJHJ Media

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