Sy Sperling, Founder of the Hair Club for Men (and Also a Client), Dies at 78 - The New York Times

This nasty old woman has cost the Democrats the 2020 Election.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers and to all out there in land!

You are not alone. @GettingCooked does too! :-)

'I do my engineering in high heels not a hard hat' - BBC News

This is a great song. Heard it on the The Mysterious Mr. Epstein Podcast

Muddy Water - YouTube

I enjoyed listening to The Mysterious Mr. Epstein Podcast.

Wondery - Feel The Story » The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

’Law & Order’ actor Sam Waterston arrested for ‘first time’ at climate change protest, along with Jane Fonda - New York Daily News

California regulator slams PG&E over electricity shut-off

"Marybel Batjer, president of the California Public Utilities Commission, called the emergency meeting Friday and ordered the executives to attend and explain themselves. She said she was “absolutely astounded” by what she thought were simple preparedness steps the utility could have taken."

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