I remember when I discovered Fry's. I kept pushing for them for shipping and Online sales. Finally they came around. Fry's isn't the first place I look any more.

The Fry’s Era - Monday Note mondaynote.com/the-frys-era-87

@adam Thought you might like this and the guy is in Austin.

My Unfinished Sound Project with David Berman (Hear: "Governors on Sominex", "The Moon", and "My Life at Home During Banking Hours") / Boing Boing boingboing.net/2019/09/02/my-u

@adam Danny Cohen, computer scientist who propelled the digital age, dies - Los Angeles Times latimes.com/obituaries/story/2 "Danny Cohen, a distinguished computer scientist who helped develop the first digital visual flight simulator for pilot training, early digital voice conferencing and cloud computing, has died at his home in Palo Alto."

WOW! This is the first I am hearing about this.

FBI: Convicted Serial Killer Linked To 90 Murders, Most Prolific Serial Killers in U.S. History | spacecoastdaily.com/2019/08/fb

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