I just love the new Dissenter Browser. It's fast, simple and respects my privacy!

Try it for yourself 

@ryanbytes doesn't look like it does right now. It was created with privacy in mind so I doubt it will sync with Google services. I hope they will develop their own sync but then your data is vulnerable at that point.

@ryanbytes Sorry to hear that about your machine.

I don't use sync so I won't miss it. As we move forward with online computing we must be aware of all the privacy leak and potential leak. You can try a plug-in that offers that but again a potential privacy leak.

@ryanbytes I tried the manual approach but failed due to memory constraints :-) Mostly mine.

@PG_Kelly @ryanbytes doesn't run on Debian by default, you'll have to --no-sandbox booooooooooo

@PG_Kelly @ryanbytes my VM requirements are: install it like in an normal OS

@yukiame No, it doesn't. But if you open a new private tab with tor you are using tor. Can't be any eaasier than that! @ryanbytes

@ryanbytes @PG_Kelly it whirls and i managed to crash it only once. on the shell you see how it starts Tor in the background

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