The tree trimmers are here raping the shit out of our trees 10 months after last year.

Why does Los Angeles HATE trees so much???!

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OMG Rense has David Oates' speech reversals of Biden's speech yesterday. This is some heavy shit. He's starting wars and refers to some folks as his dealers (they're giving him meth to stay focused). he also believes he's doing great and everyone agrees with him. Delusional and kept in the dark by handlers for sure.

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NAS is the best 'get your shit together' background.

Nearly finished. I didn't really mean to, but I guess I just uninvited people hanging out with me in my office!

Tacky rope-light is temporary.

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A cyberdeck with 4 full HD screens, dual raspberry pi setup with active cooling, Linux Mint and software kvm barrier : cyberDeck

@PhoneBoy Checking in. Hope everything is one track for you!

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@PG_Chrys @PG_Kelly I'm sorry!! I hope you heal up fast. Be well soon friend.🙏🤞

This super realistic “humanoid robot” stole the show at CES 2022 | KTLA

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my arm broken in 2 places
i have to drag myself out of my couch bc it is so low every muscle screams in pain
why don't i just chew
m and ms😎

and one more... morphine sucks! pain causing nausea/vomiting producing idoicy

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The topic for today’s The Lotus Podcast, which I record with @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 would have been on the Tarot card called The Tower (among other things).

Unfortunately, I am getting a real life lesson in The Tower card at the moment with a divorce that has gone thermonuclear. So…the show is on pause for the moment until I can get a stable home base again.

Meanwhile, you can listen to our past episodes at

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The Lotus Podcast is @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I talking spirituality, healing, and achieving a higher consciousness.

We're doing TWO shows this weekend: one at our usual Saturday @ 5pm Eastern (GMT-5) slot and one right after No Agenda on Sunday!

Saturday's Topic: Weight Loss
Sunday's Topic: Drugs (they're bad, m'kay?)

Leave us a voicemail: 253-237-3321
Listen and join us live:

Anybody in the Los Angeles area (specifically 90004 zip) using Consumer Cellular? Have you had any troubles making or receiving calls since Friday after 4:30 pm?



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