Clapper spills the beans on Pence and Roberts. He also explains how they "do it." Plus I hear him describe what sounds to me last like conspiracy plans to oust Trump.

James Clapper Interrogation - 2

She is so entertaining!

AOC Calls For Supreme Court to be Abolished After High Court Constrains EPA’s Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

From FOX 11 LA - Bruce's Beach: LA County approves return of property to descendants of Black family Bruce's Beach: LA County approves return of property to descendants of Black family


I always thought Navarro had that Mongoloid look about her. Now we learn it runs in the family.

Megyn Kelly Shreds ‘The View’ Cohost Ana Navarro For Using Disabled Kids To Argue For Abortion

I'm not for cruelty to animals but look how this lady handles her problem. I got a real kick out of seeing this.

Tonight, I feel like maybe we should all be like this lady to solve our problems. (Not literally hit people with our frying pans) we need to get confrontational with our Politicians, Government and Criminals. We must not let the hem come into our lives to prey upon us.

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@PG_Kelly Been there... probably the most famous landmark in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak being second.

Am surprised the CCP let this happen- leaves quite a lot of egg foo yung on their face.

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"Leftist neighborhoods are nice and safe, unless you're poor or a minority, in which case LOL you don't pay my campaign bills."

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Prince Charles accepted suitcase with 1 million euros from Qatari sheikh, Sunday Times reports | Start Magazine

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