Protonmail Doesn't support pop/imap unless you are a paid account

Yandex supports pop3/imap but smtp isn't working at the moment.

Will look at ZOHO Mail next.

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@adam Danny Cohen, computer scientist who propelled the digital age, dies - Los Angeles Times latimes.com/obituaries/story/2 "Danny Cohen, a distinguished computer scientist who helped develop the first digital visual flight simulator for pilot training, early digital voice conferencing and cloud computing, has died at his home in Palo Alto."

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SF is home to the world's oldest webcam. After 25 years, it's being switched off. - SFGate sfgate.com/technology/article/

"Now, it's the oldest continually operating webcam in the world, and has been running for 25 years. But at the end of August, Schwartz and Wong are pulling the plug."

WOW! This is the first I am hearing about this.

FBI: Convicted Serial Killer Linked To 90 Murders, Most Prolific Serial Killers in U.S. History | spacecoastdaily.com/2019/08/fb

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@adam Loved the Pieczenick interview! Nice job!!

I'm calling Quitter.im out of business. They have been down for over two weeks. What I would like to know is if they threw in the towel or if the Feds pulled the plug.

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