You almost never see a cart full of mac n cheese and artificial sweeteners when you grocery shop in the mornings. Just meat and veggies.

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We need a more friendly slogan to replace Give Blacks Guns. Yahoo keeps rejecting it for some reason...

This is another one of those instances where I miss the episode of NA live and the show art submissions make me scared to listen.

I wonder how long before bisexual people are considered bigots because they only like men and women but not all the genders in-between.

On veganism:

I was vegan. I quit because I paid so much attention to my food it was like an eating disorder. My "successful" vegan friends didn't do this. When I pointed out that restaurant refried beans contain lard, for ex., the response would be, "I didn't want to know that!"

B-12 is a required vitamin. Anyone who is still healthy and has perfect labs 10 years into veganism is either cheating or unintentionally eating animals.

Self-reporting as vegan is bullshit science. Esp. with kids.

*wonders idly if there was ever a time when NA social wasn't a mindless right-wing meme factory*

Let's remember why abortion is still legal in the first place.

Not because it's right.

Not because anyone voted for it.

Abortion is still legal because the victims are all silenced and the only person with standing to file a suit on the victim's behalf is the person who had the abortion.

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My husband got all jiddy because he thought the neighbors had Polish flags. Turned out they were just Texas flags that had gotten wrapped around the staff a couple times.

On the empty shoe.

I've seen it myself. It's a pretty common result from blowing up or plowing into a person, especially a child who barely knows how to tie a shoe in the first place.

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I feel like current baby name practices represent the complete breakdown of American culture. As opposed to historic names, such as John or Adam, or names with a literal meaning, such as River or Rose, Gen Z is being saddled with meaningless, deconstructionist garbles like Thashlen and Brextey. Names without meaning are names without power, as far as I'm concerned.

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If you’re willing and able, I’d appreciate any donations toward my kidney transplant fund.
Consider it an investment in bad jokes.

Anyone have advice about buying tickets from Ticketmaster for something that will probably sell out quickly? I've read stuff online but it's pretty vague. Requesting BOTG, nay, mansplaining.

For some reason my daughter thought her flesh-pink phone needed a flesh-pink "peach" glued onto the back of it.

Perspective comes from looking at yourself through the eyes of your children. I think one reason progressives don't want children is so they remain free to hold untenable moral positions without having to evaluate them through the lens of time or perspective.

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