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cont'd...Whatever reduction in cases is seen in the overall study population (most of which may be among healthy adults), this benefit may not apply to the frail elderly subpopulation, and few lives may be saved."

If frail elderly people, who are understood to die in disproportionate numbers from both influenza and covid-19, are not enrolled into vaccine trials in sufficient numbers to determine whether case numbers are reduced in this group, there can be little basis for assuming any benefit in terms of hospital admissions or mortality...

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Phase 3 trials can't provide data on the vaccines' impact on hospitalizations or mortality because there's literally not enough severe cases to be statistically relevant. Excluded Groups below:

-Children & adolescents
-Immunocompromised Patients
-Pregnant or breastfeeding women

"Moderna, Pfizer & Janssen [sic] have designed the study to detect a relative risk reduction of >30%..."

"Will Covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us"

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