I know I think about mostly in the morning

--when I brush my teeth.. 😜


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@DavidVTV I think about my biases and what effects my reality all the time. I try my best to have an independent perpective as I see hive minded people on both sides of political spectrum. Zuckerberg is BORG. Collectivism is a tyranny of soul.

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1. God>>husband>>wife>>family complete:)

Children welcomed additions;) to family

Called Gods Divine Order.
A triangle:)

Prerequired: DO NOTconfuse #MAN with #MALE and #FEMALE.

God has BOTH male and Female Attributes.

God Created #MAN in his own IMAGE

God took a Rib out of MAN and Made WoMAN


Male and Female.

..separated so that NO MAN OR WOMAN could boast or tell lies (aka false profits)

All of whom will not see the Kingdom of God.

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