Evidently according to the January 6th @ABC-produced shit-show has now reached Jussie Smolllet level fraudster dumpster fire. And all it took was a lying broad who's about to be proven wrong by the very people she claims to be talking shit about.

Just shut off the stream... we get it. These repeated clips are just getting boring. Going outside to do something constructive. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Hey, : why are you trying to educate the intentionally stupid on the instead of using their own tactics against them? No, you’re not better than them. Grow a pair: it’s time to choose a side.

@OldITGuy Olberman never got over the fact he lost his show to Rachel ManCow lol he should be in a padded room - take away the lap top and give him some crayons and jello

From an annoyed Tweet of mine from the Twatters: "My wish for Twatter for today: if you have the balls to comment on the most recent SCOTUS opinion, please read all 135 pages before popping off. Most of you just listen to @CNN or @MSNBC and think you're qualified to comment. You're not. @NRA

From a random dude on Twatter: report on compromise of political douchebags running for Districts Attorney across the nation. scribd.com/document/577258820/

White House economic director Brian Deese on sky-high gas prices across America: "Look, we get it"

World swimming's governing body bans transgender athletes including Lia Thomas from taking part in female races trib.al/z7KHnQt

SO, push comes to shove, do YOU accept commie government or fight to keep capitalism?

I'm amazed that nobody sees the contrast between today's R's and D's re: politics and those of early colonists and loyalists before Revolutionary War. Been paying a lot of attention to this and it's similarities are remarkable. The bullshit today is just icing on the differences. @adam @Johncdvorak

Can't believe this is still a thing on websites... At least be honest and say "we can't hire people because they think they deserve more money than they're worth..."

@OldITGuy Tag me if anyone responds please. I am also looking.

Need some advice! Looking to get a small freezer (3 Cu' to 5 Cu') to freeze meats indoors. Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer? A number I've read about basically stop freezing well after 6-12 months. Need something that's comfortably run on 20a circuit. Thx!

: at this point I'll risk America on @VP . She can hardly do worse than President HousePlant
@joebiden @PressSec

Checking again, still can't get into Troll Room (just spins).

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