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@OhVinnie According to Sharia law they can only use their three left legs for that... 🤔


Oh @dcgirl My pupper is camera shy. Finally got a decent shot...

The more people I meet, the more I love this dog - 😎

@OhVinnie No worries. We'll have a sked soon. In the meantime here's one to get the motor revvin. Go on, play it twice.

Oh - The US results in 2016 (red = sane, blue = insane) and then the UK results from yesterday (blue = sane and all other colors = lunatic fringe).

As they say in the old country, FUCK the NWO...

@OhVinnie @athena12

Speaking of ore boats, I was living near Lake Superior when this storm passed through. Wind so strong I could barely walk around campus


Dear Trotskyist commie scum: Fuck off.


The English

@yukiame Neo-Colonial/Georgian

Knotty Pine walls. Cherry furniture. Faux candlestick lighting. Typical bedroom in a cabin rental 🤔


"This is the kangaroo court that we’re talking about,” said Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, the top Republican on the panel, who said he had not been consulted on the decision. “They do not care about rules, they have one thing, their hatred of Donald Trump.”

Today, just like every day, is a good day to be white.

@darrenoneill I bet they'll spend the next five years saying that it never did happen and that the Russians helped the Conservatives cheat.

That Shadow Government is gonna get real shadowy. Just wait until their own intel community starts plotting against them. Gonna find out half the MP's are pedos.

I'm listening to Japanese Jazz and Russian City Pop.

Goes really well together 🎙️

Oh @buford was doing piano players this AM. Wish there was more on film of Art Tatum. This little 11 min collage from 1943 rips it up.

The first trio is:
Tiny Grimes on guitar (he just smiles and shakes his head after some of Art's runs).
Charlie Mingus on the bottom end.

Pretty amazing for 1943, '46 and '54

@EarlThePearls - thought you might enjoy this.

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