Oh - we've spent a lot of time on back roads in the last ten days. I can tell all with certainty that the incarceration business in the USA is a growth industry. Lots of prisons.

We incarcerate more than any other country. Too many fucking rules, to many shysters.

Oh - got myself a mighty chuckle out of this headline. Apparently it is not satire. Hope they will soon be refunding some of the dough we send their way too...
Israelis don't want to be America's pawns in the Middle East any longer. We've suffered enough


As Roger Miller would opine...
Israelis swings like a pendulum do...

Oh @aighead on being a wee bit over his head.

This guy is a successful "bidness" man, from the trenches of NY/NJ with all that entails.

Even at being the lesser of two evils (all elections in my life), this guy can negotiate.

I've watched him for decades. Hell of a track record, hate him or love him.

Ron co-starred with a chimp, and Don had Geraldo Rivera. The Truman Show 24/7/33333

I think he's just a meat suit with a narrow bandwidth of talent. Just like the rest of us.

Oh -
Get a load of this:
VT bill would ban cellphone use for anyone under 21

Wonder what team the sponsor of said legislation suits up for?

"Sen" John Rodgers (Democratic Party)

This fuckhead thinks it's ok to die for your country, but for the love of Mike, keep em away from cell phones.

We do not need to be at each others throats. We knock these political swine down a peg or two to apply some ballast.

Jules Verne would of starved to death in today's "reality".


How do you know that Adam is wrong? Their website does not provide any clear evidence of your position.

Got a link to their balance sheet?

Somebody with a pocket full of money and an elephant sized ego could easily finance 5 years expenditures with no profit.

Successfully monetized and profitable are not one in the same.

I put my bet on Curry.

Oh @SierraKiloBravo my thoughts went to a microphone. I'm old and not up to date on the new fangled stuff.

Does the Roland have an audio out jack? Go from there to the input on your puter's sound card. I've done that with audacity and a cheap keyboard.

@ChrisWilson will probably have some answers for ya. He's a genius on bouncing the sound around.

Tell the Mrs. that I look forward to her work showing up here in the future.

Love the 88's. tell the Mrs.howdy.

Oh @agates you got it. Stay the hell away from federated timeline.

I won't vouch for the sanity here, but you can feel free to express what you want.

Lots of preaching to the congregation here. There's also differing opinions on lots of stuff. You can discuss the differences civilly and everyone has a chance to learn.

Plus, lots of Dudes Named Ben here for ya to bounce stuff off of.

Looking forward to future conversation...

Oh @agates See that you are new here at NAS. Welcome aboard. Great place to learn stuff.

I gave ya a follow. You can mute me anytime I get obnoxious (3.2,1... :-)

This might give ya a leg up in the community:


Give Alecks a warm NAS welcome. Get prepared for the initiation festivities too. Who ended up with the dead racoon carcass from last time??? Cough it up, we need it now 😎

Oh @DrChris I have wondered why no one is garbage picking their stuff and sending in for DNA results.

Alan Jules Weberman would be the guy. You'd need to be a certain age to know who he is. Dylan remembers...


Oh - Breaking up the royal family is bullshit. When Diana porked the body guard is what started that decline. Ole Harry has no Windsor blood.

Maybe someday Meghan will give him his balls back...

Kinda reminds me of other bastard children (I speak from experience on the bastard end ;-)

Goes to prove that the "elite" are a bunch of whoring cunts.

Oh @darrenoneill good on ya Darren. You are a legend. I have no Ben-Fu in me, so I'm of little help on that end.

I'm glad the ball is rolling. @bufordk brought it to my attention. Gotta love this community.

I think Sir Paul might need some assistance somewhere along the line. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.


Oh @Stranger929 keep an eye on this thread of toots. It has to do with the art generator going kablooy.


@darrenoneill sent an email to Sir Paul, who was doing the work.

It's gonna take Dudes named Ben to fix it, and they're working on it...

Great idea on posting your work here. Keeps the problem front and center.

Oh - The criminal record of the scumbag in the White Settlement church shooting is astounding. I mean ASTOUNDING.

Then there's the story of Stephen Willeford. He's the good guy with an AR-15 in that other TX church shooting.

Then there's Creepy Joe's nonsensical soundbites throughout.

This is a HELL OF A GOOD READ even if you ain't behind the 2nd Amendment (maroons).


@bigl0af have a go through this article. I think you'll like it.

Oh @CSB The Nanny Clan is such a crack up - 🤣

Have a look at a couple of the concept that will sink Sanders campaign...

Cardiology &
Actuarial Life Table

Then there's this:

No one shafted Sanders. The man has no balls. Hildebeast and the dnc showed how quick he will grab is ankles when push comes to shove...

@agates @m00se

Oh @SierraKiloBravo Going deep and a consistent thread

I'm really enjoying Adam/ @MoeFactz interaction. Probably having as many epiphanies as me

Like to get a count of the # of times the bell has been rung in 20 shows 🤣

Speaking of the creaky chair, I'd like to get JCD into a couple of these conversations, or at least his thoughts

No squeak but Adam falls into fortune teller mode often. He's the Sherlock Holmes of sewing facts together. Without knowing where Moe's going, he gets there.

Oh @SierraKiloBravo I do since the first podcast.

I look forward to ea show for the epiphanies. That rush feeling of WOW. The fellas give that to me a few times every week.

Also points out to me that you can grow to be old and still know fuck all about most things.

You owe it a go kiddo. Start with the first one. YMMV due to being upside down. Then again yer a legend. You'll get it.

Tell the Mrs. I say "Hey" 🇺🇸 🇦🇺

- moefundme.com/
@MoeFactz - moefactz.com/

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