Re: Trump's breathing

The fellas are totally right about why he's breathing that way but it's just when he needs to be on script. In this instance he needs to convey that there will not be ww3 right now. He's doing right but he's a little deeper than he's ready for.

It's hard telling if it really is geotus or antichrist. It may be one or the other. I'd like to discuss this part, for real, if anyone is up for it...



Oh @aighead on being a wee bit over his head.

This guy is a successful "bidness" man, from the trenches of NY/NJ with all that entails.

Even at being the lesser of two evils (all elections in my life), this guy can negotiate.

I've watched him for decades. Hell of a track record, hate him or love him.

Ron co-starred with a chimp, and Don had Geraldo Rivera. The Truman Show 24/7/33333

I think he's just a meat suit with a narrow bandwidth of talent. Just like the rest of us.

My Goodness @OhVinnie you could win a Pulitzer for that! Or at least placement in a 2-bit literary rag!

Don doesn’t trigger me - like you have her the schtick for decades.

There’s a lot of hate for the sitting US President - the current one doesn’t give a crap!


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