Audiophiles, I wish to tap the hive mind....

Mrs B has a nice new Roland FP-10 piano and loves it. We are now looking at recording her playing (the sound not the MIDI). What do you think would be the best way to go about this?

I have attached a pic of what the back panel looks like.

We've tried two things so far - the first was to run a cable from the COMPUTER outlet into a USB slot on a Windows laptop with Audacity open. This way however does not show the Piano as an input device, and we can't figure out how to make it record music.

We have also used a free software program called MidiEditor. With this we can record the music, and playback within the program sounds great. But when you save that audio file and play it in Window Media Player, it sounds completely different.

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Does anyone have any ideas? To make the piano appear as an input device in Audacity, do we need something in between the cable and the USB slot?

Other options we could look at are using my Mac, or using my iPad which has Garageband on it

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I also have a RODE NT-USB which could be put under the piano to record externally

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Oh @SierraKiloBravo my thoughts went to a microphone. I'm old and not up to date on the new fangled stuff.

Does the Roland have an audio out jack? Go from there to the input on your puter's sound card. I've done that with audacity and a cheap keyboard.

@ChrisWilson will probably have some answers for ya. He's a genius on bouncing the sound around.

Tell the Mrs. that I look forward to her work showing up here in the future.

Love the 88's. tell the Mrs.howdy.

Cheers to you @OhVinnie Mrs B says "konnichi wa'"

I might give the Rode a go when it comes back from the shop. I'm sure if its close enough to the piano speaker it won't pick up any room noise.

There is a headphone out hole on the piano and a headphone in hole (note my technical terminology) on the laptop, so might try running a cable between them and see if anything shows up in Audacity / Garageband

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