Oh @agates See that you are new here at NAS. Welcome aboard. Great place to learn stuff.

I gave ya a follow. You can mute me anytime I get obnoxious (3.2,1... :-)

This might give ya a leg up in the community:


Give Alecks a warm NAS welcome. Get prepared for the initiation festivities too. Who ended up with the dead racoon carcass from last time??? Cough it up, we need it now 😎

@OhVinnie hah, I try to avoid social media with people everywhere going insane. Even LinkedIn comments are toxic now days.

But it seems pretty sane here, so far. No need to look past the local timeline.


Oh @agates you got it. Stay the hell away from federated timeline.

I won't vouch for the sanity here, but you can feel free to express what you want.

Lots of preaching to the congregation here. There's also differing opinions on lots of stuff. You can discuss the differences civilly and everyone has a chance to learn.

Plus, lots of Dudes Named Ben here for ya to bounce stuff off of.

Looking forward to future conversation...

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