I'm done trying to get the art generator to work, I'm just posting shit here for the hell of it.


Oh @Stranger929 keep an eye on this thread of toots. It has to do with the art generator going kablooy.


@darrenoneill sent an email to Sir Paul, who was doing the work.

It's gonna take Dudes named Ben to fix it, and they're working on it...

Great idea on posting your work here. Keeps the problem front and center.

@OhVinnie @Stranger929 Sir Paul did email me back. We are set to talk next week. Hopefully we will get these issues sorted out.

Oh @darrenoneill good on ya Darren. You are a legend. I have no Ben-Fu in me, so I'm of little help on that end.

I'm glad the ball is rolling. @bufordk brought it to my attention. Gotta love this community.

I think Sir Paul might need some assistance somewhere along the line. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.


@OhVinnie @bufordk @Stranger929 He mentioned dealing with an unexpected move, which must be a royal pain in the behind.

He mentioned wanting something in place in case anything ever happened to him to make sure the Art Generator stays up and running. I will keep everyone updated after we talk.

@darrenoneill @OhVinnie @bufordk Moving is always a pain in the ass, I've had to do it too many times for my liking.

If and when needed I can write up a better explanation of the issues I've run into and send them to whoever needs it. I do wonder if the issue is with the emails for verification not working but the addresses being registered into the system anyway but not accessible without verification?

Anyway, I do appreciate the efforts being put into this, no rush!

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