Oh - every show mentions the importance of art work. @adam & @Johncdvorak say that it creates interest in the unwashed.

The art generator signup will not accept new accounts:

@bufordk tried to figure out the problem. No luck.

This project is 10 years old. Seems a shame to let it whither on the vine. Every successful project needs infusions of new blood.

I think @darrenoneill , @CSB , & the other great artists would welcome some new competition.

@OhVinnie @bufordk please send email to AC about no new accounts

As guy who owns and runs NA art Generator hates me so I can’t help.

@OhVinnie @adam @Johncdvorak @bufordk @darrenoneill @CSB I asaked Adam abou tthis a few weeks back, He said to email JCD. I have the same problem, my gmail and my personal domain won't register. They also won't allow me to register to enter the troll room during showtime. I haven't bothered to follow up yet but will likely do so i the coming weeks.

@CSB Yes but I think he has more pull with that aspect of the show than Adam does. Which makes sense to me.

@Stranger929 @OhVinnie @adam @Johncdvorak @bufordk @CSB

The troll room is accepting new accounts. It has been tested / checked.

@darrenoneill @OhVinnie @adam @Johncdvorak @bufordk @CSB Recently? I haven't tried since early December but it wouldn't accept my gmail or personal domain address as valid at the time.

@OhVinnie @adam @Johncdvorak @bufordk @CSB

I've tried to register new accounts. Doing so generates an error.

Trying to register again with same credentials says already registered.

Trying to log in with credentials say account may not be verified.

Verification emails are obviously not working, thus it seems nobody new can sign up.

Also, though all can see it, the last time the winning art was updated was EP 1084.

Can the current operator of the site be contacted? Otherwise time for new?

@bufordk @OhVinnie @adam @Johncdvorak @CSB I don't even know how to contact the guy. The email on the site doesn't work.

@darrenoneill Darren, his name is Paul Couture - he owns and operates NA art generator. He hates me and considers me to be dirt. Only AC can contact him and AC has proper email /etc.

@bufordk @adam @OhVinnie @Johncdvorak @CSB I just emailed him. If no response is received then it's up to John and Adam to OK a new site being created.

The overall functionality of the site would be quite easy to do in Drupal, which the site was in a previous iteration. It's just a glorified photo album, after all.

I'll post if I hear from Paul.

It's written in PHP on top of Laravel framework, you wouldn't need Drupal.

Assuming there isn't anything wrong with the code, it's most likely the servers mail system that's in error. Probably related to a package being updated.

Yes, anyone should be able to use php composer and install it onto a server. You still need access to the old server if you want access to the artwork and user accounts. If Paul is the only one with admin access, you would only succeed in creating a new art generator without users or artwork.

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