@ProfWorr My dude! I am so glad you are enjoying it. These are my other history podcasts:

- Living History with Mat McLachlan
- Veterans Chronicles
- BBC Witness: History
- Peter Hart's Military History
- Common Sense with Dan Carlin
- Hardcore History (Dan Carlin)
- Hardcore History: Addendum (Dan Carlin)

The main one of Dan Carlin, Hardcore History, has deliciously long episodes which are perfect for a long flight , a long drive, or if you're slowly going crazy in quarantine

@NevadaJack Pelosi is a scum-sucking, dirtbag, bottle-lugging, denture-slipping old battle axe.

Upside of the stay at home slave orders is wife's pineapple updside down cake

Oh @TertiusOculum I see that you are a Newbie. Welcome Aboard. I gave you your first follow. Others will join in as you participate.

You will find the tribe to be welcoming and a wee bit on the insane side. PLENTY of almost normal amygdalas.

The format of NAS is easy enough to follow. If you have any questions, just ask. Somebody will jump in.

Looking forward to conversations.

Everyone stop by give a howdy and a follow.

Well What should have been a ass rape massacre here in Jonesboro Arkansas only sent 26 to the hospital and only 2 are still there.

4. I don't know.

Is it OK to doubt just a little?

Trump may have an indecisive streak in him.

Remember when he gave Clinton a chance? She spat in his face.

What happened to her?


What has happened to any of them?


I really hope that Trump's team hasn't fallen to the same hubris we say with Obama and Clinton.

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Today is National Vietnam Veterans Day! Remember their sacrifice.

We Were Soldiers - Final Battle Scene


Now me and my mate were back at the shack
We had Spike Jones on the box
She said, "I can't take the way he sings
But I love to hear him talk"

Brought to you by: Benzedrine

All beautiful places! I lived in WV for about a year in my teenage years and it was great!

The country is incredible. While typing this I just watched 3 turtles get scared back into my pond as a turkey vulture glided over... Too cool! Whoops just 2 of the 3, the third one is brave.

@OhVinnie @TomNovak @ProfWorr

I live out in the country, they'd have to catch me, but also most folks out here have like 200 gallon tanks. Thanks for the heads up!
@OhVinnie @TomNovak @ProfWorr

California once had mobile hospitals and a ventilator stockpile. But it dismantled them

[…] a brutal recession, a free fall in state revenues — and in 2011, the administration of a fiscally minded Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, who came into office facing a $26-billion deficit.

And so, that year, the state cut off the money to store and maintain the stockpile of supplies and the mobile hospitals. The hospitals were defunded before they’d ever been used.


Oh & ITM! -

Unemployment Compensation ( ).

Signing up for UC is a crowded dance floor & the rules are changing almost daily.

As new state info is found, it'll come under the tag :

Here are 3 states (OH - VT - SC)

For Ohio
source: nfib

Vermont UC
source: vermont legal help website

3. South Carolina
source: the post and courier

Not planning to do some drunk tooting, but a little Anti Hero from Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is going to be my friend for the night!

Oh - If you don't laugh about "it" then "it" will get ugly...

Bill Hicks on Marketing


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