Oh @bufordk I have weaned of pro sports.

I still have a soft spot for baseball. Hell. had had season tickets for the Dodgers and the Angels for 5 yrs when I moved to LA.

I didn't follow the Astros cheating run. Just what ran in the newzzz cycles.

Cheating has been part of the game for ever. Loading the ball, juicing & more

IMO it's going to hurt the game. Basketball hasn't recovered from their cheating scandal.

What's your take (and your boys)?

Lots of bean balls for Astros this year.

Oh - I don't usually put too much stock in Tucker Carlson's "reporting".

This is an exception because of the guest, Victor Davis Hansen. Here he is responding to MiniMike's thoughts on the ease of farming.


Oh - If I was ever going to share a toot about a Theremin performance, this would be the venue.

KATICA ILLÉNYI - Once Upon a Time in the West

Oh @bufordk It's been months of Sundays since I listened to any Norton Buffalo. Course he's been dead awhile. The Roy Roger's tune brought me to this duet. It's Roy and Norton in Roy's living room.

Such a fine harp player and a grand set of pipes too.
Long Hard Road

Oh @bufordk n @Johnny_of_the_swamp n @EarlThePearls We bounced around some slide guitar last week. In the meantime i listened to some Roy Rogers.

Found him through John Lee Hooker years ago. Damn guy has got chops for furlongs...

Roy Rogers - Terraplane Blues

Oh @EarlThePearls I Ran across this show from Mr. Monk back in '64. Thought you might enjoy some too.


“The piano ain't got no wrong notes.”
― Thelonious Monk

Oh - that damned magic number...
A “union” called ProTech Local 33 says it has members in the billion-dollar Golden State weed trade. Problem is, it looks like a front group for bosses.


Oh @bufordk ran across another Billy Strings jam that just cooks. Get a load of the mandolin too. Not only sounds great, It's a beautiful instrument.

Also learned that gauging your ears ain't a good idea...

Anyone into bluegrass and/or just good ole fashion pickin' n a grinnin' will like this too.


Oh @bufordk and now for something completely different...

When you put a bunch of fellas from NOLA onstage and let em have at it. it's magic.

George Porter, Jr. and Stanton Moore in the engine room and Billy Iuso and Anders Osborne on 6 strings.


Oh - this is a great rebuttal to all those that say:
What are you going to do when they come for your guns. You gonna fight the army?
Show them regular people out having fun on weekends, locally. This is happening all over the country.

These are first class training lessons. These civilians are tossing a lot more lead around than the general troop/LEO populations.


and remember the public face to disarm us:
Gov. Ralph “Coon-Man” Northam

Oh - slumming again in dimensh b. Always find something of interest, like this:
This Guy Is Breeding City Pigeons for Affordable Food
This ain't a new phenomena.

Now, ask me about my first BB gun and the local chiner restaurant. Got a half a buck apiece and didn't even have to clean em. Puts a whole new spin on the "chicken" chow main special.


Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire, Falls Short of 2016 Performance
Now, in 2016 Sanders garnered more than 152,000+ votes. He carried NH by 22% over Hildabeast.

In contrast, Sanders got 64K+ votes over Cheatin' Pete's 62K+ (2% advantage).

Exit polls indicate that 50% of NH residents thought his platform to be too liberal. Only 40% thought it to be a good fit.

This guy is the personification of the Peter Principle (investopedia.com/terms/p/peter).

Go Burnie?

Oh - everytime I hear the name Mike Bloomberg, my gray matter always ends up here:

I'd vote for this fella!

Mike Bloomfield n Barry Goldberg - Two Jews Blues


Oh - read this morning that Burnie is espousing that he is not a communist.

“Obviously, I am not a communist. I presume the president knows the difference. Maybe he doesn’t.

I do not think it is obvious. I do think Don knows the difference.
This stolen meme hits nail on head

Oh @bufordk 'n @ChrisWilson and all others into slide guitar. Have a listen.

Loved this one outta the comments:
Good lord...I have no face left. It is blown off from the shred.

Sonny Landreth & Derek Trucks playing:
Congo Square

The audio is brilliant too.

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