the green new deal:

... "I got home that night and my three roommates were all gathered around the TV, watching some kind of reality show. I made a point not to look at the screen so the facial recognition in the TV wouldn’t ID me and add to my carbon debt. Starving and exhausted, I pulled a meal from the freezer and popped it in the microwave. Cricket tikka masala made with soy cream." ...

MS Word's grammer and spilling checker thingie is getting more stupiderer

-written in neo-word

Whatever happened to NetNeutrality?

Do we have it or not?

And did anything ever change “muh Netflix”?

Remember the blind panic over this topic?

It’s a good example of why we should ignore Twitter outrage

In the Netherlands the Marechaussee (military police) have been busy cleaning up left wing climate crisis Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion idiots out of central area of Schiphol airport. Word goes about 20 of them have already been arrested while resisting. They had no permission to protest inside because it's dangerous with so many travellers in the area.

The next Air Force One will be beautiful. It is due for delivery in 2024.
We must re-elect President Trump so that he may be the first to enjoy it.

What do you think about this? Messing with Amazon by ordering, then returning (free to you) Chinese made products en masse.

Sargon of Akkad: "We fucking won."

I'll believe UK is out of EU when it actually happens.

I had a chuckle when @adam mentioned about he didn’t like the term “kiddos” as I was just talking with my oldest child about when I use it.

I never say the word but I use it here and on the Bird Site as a way of mentioning my spawn without naming them or stating their gender for security purposes.

As we have been talking a lot about online security and how her school Chromebook is spying on her she appreciated it!

@OVDB I totally agree with the olive theory on Twitter . It seems to work slow . I know people who gave Facebook a copy of their ID and they still wouldn’t let em in . They might have moth balled my account too for more space . The link was broken. Don’t have to worry about it s gone on it’s own

Corbyn said he would not lead the party in elections going forward.

I don't see the EU and the Globalists allowing this to happen.

NO WAY are they gonna allow this by Jan 31st.

I fear something dreadfully drastic is going to happen.

All the stops are going to be pulled to prevent Brexit from happening.

Anybody got stats on the jobs in the mall Santa sector? Inquiring minds want to know.

@OVDB I never gave em any info other then my name and email. I fucked with it too . Once I liked thousands of pages till I reached about 5000 pages liked and it banned me from liking pages.

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