@mrmcmayhem @BlueDouche @Dan_Ramos The Patriot Act was a cobbled together wish list for those authoritarian traitors. Wonder what sick Necronomicon like tome sits in some bureaucrat's desk awaiting to curse the public when enough dead pile up?

This evil is a promoted Top-tweet on Twitter:

"Reducing your meat and dairy intake can help mitigate climate change. Melissa Clark has ideas for how to do it deliciously."

Could the overlords be any more transparent. Here you go... Let your brain STOP WORKING without fat. Let your body stop working without meat.


I heard someone say that Schumer had 50 ammendments to submit. Hmm, 2 hours of 'debate' for each one...sounds like about 100 hours of this crap...Kill me now!

Train's bad.


The chair of the city's transit commission said that Rideau Transit Maintenance, the company that maintains the light rail line for the city, has not provided an explanation for why the train's wheels are no longer round.
about 2 hours ago By: Jason White


“I won’t say what kind of cheeseburger because it might upset a sponsor” - fox sports

A talking head discussing cheeseburgers and admits he can’t mention his preferred one as his speech regulated by sponsorships. I’ll have to forward the clip to Adam.

Virginia rally attendees pick trash up after themselves

M5M really disappointed today....

Start a petition to ban alarm clock sounds from all media

If you thought your skilled engineering job couldn't be shipped out, prepare for a rude awakening. India, China, and even Mexico are now producing college-educated engineers at a rate greater than the USA, and global corporations are now falling over themselves to dump higher-paid, first-world engineers and open engineering centers in those countries. Mechanical, electrical, and software engineering are impacted.

Google Whistleblower Suggests Wife's Fatal Car Crash May Not Have Been Accidental

“Last year, after I briefed a group of state AGs about Google’s power to rig elections, one of them said, “I think you’re going to die in an accident in a few months,” wrote Epstein.


Drag queen Kitty Demure posted a viral video in which he expressed his amazement at why ‘woke’ parents are allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”


netflix fucking fucked tonight eh! All I got left is the chill!

Shoveled snow tonight. Y'know that stuff that's a mix of road salt, snow and grit that the plow deposits in your driveway?

I'm gonna trademark that as Goop™™

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