@OVDB and Republicans were marked for complaining about death panels when it came to socialized medicine!

How each year of life saved from Covid-19 costs £180,000: Statistician claims the price of rescuing a coronavirus patient is six times higher than the NHS threshold for other diseases

There's a price on your head?

Generally, he said, the NHS watchdog will only spend up to £30,000 per year of life on any new treatment, deeming any higher cost a bad cost-to-benefit ratio.


Watched an interesting NOVA on the history of writing last night - honestly had no idea that parchment was made from sheep skins and that the reason it's called the spine of a book is that the parchment is generally folded along the line where the spine of the sheep was.

One Bible that's still around cost $30 pounds in like the 1400's - the cost of a house and required something like a 300 sheep for the parchment.

I think the most disappointing thing from the debate was Trumps answer to why he was having rallies with the danger. It exposed his thinking. His answer wasn't these are adults that are able to make their own choices, it was that it was outside. The real answer is that the people attending are adults and should be able to decide the level of risk they are willing to take.


So I just got another 60pg, 8pt type ppt deck about "to make our work easier" - there's a new team that was created to review all new projects, prioritize them, then review and prioritize them 3 more times. Then, if it makes it through that gauntlet, you can proceed as normal to corral all your other stakeholders and beg them to not make your life a living hell. 🤦‍♂️

How does yet another useless gatekeeper make work easier?

Subway bread? I thought it was made from yoga mats or something. There's no sugar in yoga mats

‘LGBT ideology’ rooted in MARXISM & NAZISM, Poland’s new education minister believes

In case you don't know, Poland already has a pretty much conservative stance, reflected in it's government. Somewhat equal to Hungary. Of course they are always on a collision course with the globalist EU, who are always promoting all the Progressive stuff to fuck up the nations.

Of course there are also leftist parties within Poland and for them appointing him is just oil on the fire


Have you ever looked at a subway "bread" and thought, hmmm, it could be a comfy pair of sleepers.

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Subway: At no point did we expect our customers to believe that our 11 inch footlong was made out of 'bread'.

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Mr. President, you broke the rules by beating ClipityClop, so no mike for you!

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Finally finished JRE1533 and surprisingly, I did not think AC dropped a "bomb" as he had already told us 85% of what he said on JRE over the last 14 years in that bit.

TYFYC @adam!

Rubblizer Out

Hillary and KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd. Funny how BLM didn't touch HIS statue. youtube.com/watch?v=AwJmg-_vVy

Even Ali G would have been a better moderator...

Watch "Ali G - Ice Cream Glove Business - Donald Trump" on YouTube

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