A mysterious rash of food processing plant fires:

From April 21:

At least 16 such disasters have taken place at food processing facilities nationwide. While most of the incidents have shown no foul play after investigation, the trend presents a curious string of events across the country.


And a more recent article which lists 26 fires:


Interesting follow up commentary on the Walgreens data showing unvaccinated people are testing far fewer Covid cases than vaccinated.


"Environmentalism is the idea that we can turn the world into a 19th century zoo."

Grimerica interview with Gordon White

I hear this a lot... "If you aren't a scientist, your disagreement with science means nothing"

Of course, this is a specious argument because by the same token "if you aren't a scientist, your AGREEMENT with science means nothing"

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I've heard that Pangolin is good lovin'...

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There is a Freedom Rally Anti-Mandate event today in San Jose Sunday April 3rd from 5 to 8PM. At the corner of Winchester and Stevens Creek. We have extra signs. Please boost to boost attendance. Thanks

An insightful lecture on the Ukraine crisis in 2014 that explains much of what is going on today.

It's from 7 years ago and as poignant today as then.


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A plea for numbers.

"We have power in numbers, and we believe they are coming down on us..."


I've never loved the sound of horns as much as I do now. Hopefully momentum continues to build in Toronto too...


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Because apparently this is hard to search for on duckduckgo, bing, and google: youtu.be/nGtgl712Ijk

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The fact that battery cars don't work in the cold never gets brought up. A friend of mine had to go tow a guy who got 50 miles out of town before his Tesla died. It was fully charged when he left and the temperature was somewhere around -10 degrees. Cold kills batteries and battery cars have the same problem.

Doesn't prevent infection. Doesn't prevent transmission. Promotes virus mutations so the original shot is rendered ineffective. The only thing it's good for apparently is preventing "severe infection" from a disease that already had a 99% survival rate. All with the possibility of debilitating or lethal side effects. Got it.

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Thread by @forrestmaready: "1. The polio story as you learned it is wrong. It's one of the most often misunderstood sequence of events in the last two hundred years. I ['...]"


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those CUNTS on youtube shutdown several rittenhouse trial streams. why? cuz they're CUNTS. go HERE, on rumble, but you already know this. i have spoken... rumble.com/vp8mha--watch-live-

Gotta give a shout out to Montana for being the only state in the union to outlaw employer/employee discrimination based on vaccination status. Mask mandates in schools are also under heavy fire. Life carries on here. Masks are few and far between and "my body is still my choice"...

If you are freedom minded, please join us. If not, stay the fuck out.

...He called Fauci a douche bag as well... (don't quote me)

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