Is the NA Transcripts site down for good? That was a very useful resource and would be sad to see it go away.

NA Transcripts is a great resource for finding content from current and old shows. Type in your search from an obscure clip in your memory from years ago. Find the show number, then go to and find the clip. Thank you @adam and developers/producers for setting up and archiving all of this information that would be lost otherwise.

An interesting listen from a Stanford Professor of medicine that bucks the narrative about our current level of knowledge regarding this virus...

How to deal with covid and swollen amygdallas at home? Percentages, stats, even sympathy doesn't seem to work...

We got our first 3 cases of Corona in our entire county of 81,000. My mother in law is freaking out because .00375% of our county population has contracted a virus that kills (we shall see, but let's assume <1%).

When I bring these numbers up, the response I get is "you should get your facts from more sources than the No Agenda Show"... *sigh

Loving the end of show mixes lately! Creativity and humor. What a great tonic for what ails society.

Whoever did the end of show song for episode 1203 about "I'll be what I am, OTG Man"... Is there a way to hear that song more besides at the end of the episode?

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