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The fact that battery cars don't work in the cold never gets brought up. A friend of mine had to go tow a guy who got 50 miles out of town before his Tesla died. It was fully charged when he left and the temperature was somewhere around -10 degrees. Cold kills batteries and battery cars have the same problem.

Doesn't prevent infection. Doesn't prevent transmission. Promotes virus mutations so the original shot is rendered ineffective. The only thing it's good for apparently is preventing "severe infection" from a disease that already had a 99% survival rate. All with the possibility of debilitating or lethal side effects. Got it.

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Thread by @forrestmaready: "1. The polio story as you learned it is wrong. It's one of the most often misunderstood sequence of events in the last two hundred years. I ['...]"


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those CUNTS on youtube shutdown several rittenhouse trial streams. why? cuz they're CUNTS. go HERE, on rumble, but you already know this. i have spoken... rumble.com/vp8mha--watch-live-

Gotta give a shout out to Montana for being the only state in the union to outlaw employer/employee discrimination based on vaccination status. Mask mandates in schools are also under heavy fire. Life carries on here. Masks are few and far between and "my body is still my choice"...

If you are freedom minded, please join us. If not, stay the fuck out.

...He called Fauci a douche bag as well... (don't quote me)

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...When cycled high enough, the PCR process gives credence to the Buddist concept of everything contained in one...

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Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, who sadly died right before the Covid outbreak, said the PCR "process" (it's not technically a test for anything) should NEVER be used to determine positive or negative infection results. Furthermore, he said when using the PCR analysis, anything cycled above 25-30 cycles would give a radically high number of false positives because of the infinitesimal magnifying capabilities of the process. Yet for the last year most countries used 35-40 cycles.

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Bye bye Canada, truly lost to the globo-homo agenda

Now that the noagendasocial server is closed, what’s the best direction to point friends who want the NA social experience? How can I share an invite for another server?

To be honest the 10K limit seems arbitrary and unnecessary, but maybe once i learn how to invite people to other servers then teach them how to follow this group, it will all work swimmingly?

Sorry for all you Texans with burst water pipes and no heat. It was -30 here last week for a few days. Only issues were the week before that when we had unusually high winds that blew trees onto powerlines all over the state. Thankfully we have natural gas to stay warm with!

This is where I'm at these days... Breath in, breath out... Don't hold your breath.


Pretty much what I've been saying since the end of Q1 2020 when I did the total deaths from all causes myself. When Covid increases, other illnesses decrease at the same rate. Still, it's nice to hear John's Hopkins people saying the same thing:


My wife ran a couple of marathons last year in the midst of all the Covid hype. Both well attended. I applaud the courage it takes for these promoters to push forward through all of the hysteria when you know it's the right thing to do. I applaud the athletes who have the courage to push through as well.

It should have been a no-brainer to switch my default search browser from to DuckDuckGo a long time ago...

It's so refreshing not to see pages of top results coming from the same fucking shill sites. I feel like I got the internet back again!

Is the NA Transcripts site down for good? That was a very useful resource and would be sad to see it go away.

NA Transcripts is a great resource for finding content from current and old shows. Type in your search from an obscure clip in your memory from years ago. Find the show number, then go to nashownotes.com and find the clip. Thank you @adam and developers/producers for setting up and archiving all of this information that would be lost otherwise.

An interesting listen from a Stanford Professor of medicine that bucks the narrative about our current level of knowledge regarding this virus...


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