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You can visually see where we started going off the golden path

Is anyone having trouble playing the latest episode of No Agenda?

What is wrong with this guy's face? He looks so creepy

This would also explain why the polling was way off. It was a smoke screen for the voter fraud. They had to get Trump out and were covering all the bases. Even with the all dummy ballots, they still couldn't steal enough to make it a landslide because they underestimated the popular support for the current president

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This sums it up for me. There was no reason to stop counting votes unless shenanigans were at hand. Even so, they still screwed up in some places


If Biden wins, all those podcasters that made a living out of bashing Trump will be out of a job

Anyone remember this moment? How tame does that feel when compared to today

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Here's why I think Trump was a good president:

- didn't start any new wars
- grew the economy
- brokered peace or tried to
- no significant terrorist attacks under his watch
- can still drive a car
- bucked the trend and didn't get a dog
- is funny
- doesn't apologize
- not ashamed of being a man
- globalists hate him
- beat COVID

Whatever happens this week, I think he'll be one of the most talked about political figures in the next few decades

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If you shave every day, good things will happen to you

Reminds how people only started caring and donating after the video of the koalas in distress came out when Australia was battling huge fires last year

"There's a lot of love in this room"
This movie is great. There is even a rare Ferrari appearance. 250 GTO

Music was better twenty years ago, movies were better twenty years ago. All the culture made today lacks any kind of hope. I just watched a random comedy from the 90's and laughed harder at that than I did at the new Borat movie. Comedy and music are fucking dead

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