ITM, шitizens and slaves!

I am looking for some advice on a tenant/landlord issue (disruptive neighbors, but eviction moratorium). Located in Chiraq.

Can a constitution lawya stand up, please! 😃

@chris - is Chiraq your protectorate? Time to chop some heads off? 😉

What are the possible Mastodon-like self-hosted solutions for family photo sharing? Photo uploads, albums and comments. Phone apps would be nice too... This? Or this? Or something else?

@cgeek5467 @BeaufordT @maxburn @Bishop

All I want for Christmas is a working search feature right here on NAS! I know it will eat yuge amount of resources, that's why it's off now. But can I dream?

@[email protected]
Can you tell me if you can have toots you liked here to be searchable on your own instance? Does it work that way? If yes, I will get me an instance yesterday!

None of 3 No Agenda search engines return any results for "vaxeline" query. Weird... ;-)


My baby girl is almost a Dame... She donated again today. Awww!

Is it weird that I think this is my greatest achievement in life?


Seems like after episode 1201 something changed in the way you publish.

Both and are showing 1201 as the last episode. Links like and giving 404.

Show notes pages now have URLs like this one:

Is there a way to get parsable URLs back?

Re: kids Knight table. I specifically avoided that promotion, so my title is beyond any doubt (at least in my mind). I wanted to mention it in my note, but refrained. Now I see that I could have triggered many people!

Well, they mystery of why Buzzfeed was the outlet to release the Pee Dossier is solved.They accepted $1.5M directly from Obama's Priorities USA right in the middle of the time the dossier was alleged to have been written.

Anyone up for putting together a history of Adam's studios? Really shows the success - by episode:

Broadcasting live from:

20 - The Curry Manor
70 - The Curry Terrace
184 - The Hilltop Watchtower Command Center
400 - Camp Mofo
500 - The Travis Heights Hideout
638 - The South Austin Safe House
987 - The 5x9 Cludio
1131 - The Chicken Coop


Not sure I have the production chops to put it all together.

Obama, HRC, Warren and Castro can't bring themselves to use the word Christian....instead they were "Easter Worshipers" @adam
This is very odd.
All robots talking from the same memo.

Trump: Mueller Report ‘Written As Nastily As Possible’ By ‘True Trump Haters’ - President also called Mueller probe the ‘greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history’

Given the illegally obtained FISA warrants, the whole Mueller investigation was illegal from the start. In such a case, legally they call the results 'fruit from the poisonous tree'. This means EVERYTHING from the investigation has to be undone and Mueller and his team needs to be indicted.

Greta Thunberg has a coach: Luisa Neubauer, working for One, funded by Soros and Gates.

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