IL will no long detain someone for robberies, vehicular manslaughter, burglaries, and more.

@NBS HA!!! I just saw this and posted it as well. Great minds think alike

Are the show notes for ep 1476 Woke Waiver available? They are not on the website.


Wow. Wasn’t sure which direction she was going to take in the beginning but turned out to be the right one. Thanks for sharing

Mic check, 1…2.

Is this thing on?!?…

There’s no link to shownotes for ep 1476 Woke Waiver

Democrat Mike Quigley from IL voted for the AR-15 Ban. Not like anyone I know would vote for him anyway


I won’t know where to find any. That’s a life I left a while ago

Good MDMA (typically gotta get from a 🐠head) certainly depletes one’s serotonin, this is why when one is on it everyone becomes a best friend, then get wiped out & depressed for a couple days.

I’ve never was wiped out for 2 days after a DMT trip so I wonder how much @adam smoked for that to happen.

I’m going to see RATM tomorrow. I bought the tickets before I realized the hypocrisy of this band. I wonder how woke this shit I’d going to be. I’m sure they will touch on all the hot topics, abortion, gun violence, Ukraine, white guilt… The Keeper loves this band so I gotta go. I’ll be practicing the fine art of ignoring

A month or two ago there was a thread on Twitter they explained what’s really going on with inflation by Tim __________.

That’s all I got, that’s all I can remember. If any of you know what I’m talking about and can share a link, it would be much appreciated. Happy 4Th!

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