Mechanic Reacts to AMAZING Diesel-Electric 1962 Kenworth, with Cat 3306 Generator. youtu.be/7JL7HYD5CEw

Left will crow violent right-wing extremists!

Meanwhile the left-wingers literally endorse euthanizing elders, and were all giddy labeling COVID-19 as "The Boomer Doomer"

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Wow, Robert Barnes, Esq, started the University of Tennessee the year I graduated.

LMAO!!! the world is ending for these assholes...

Terror Alarm's twitter:

🚨🇮🇹Italy Election live update: Italy has fallen!
Italian Trump, Giorgia Meloni set to be Italy's first female prime minister and leader of its most right-wing government since World War I, exit polls suggest.

The mobilization in Russia mirrors what this war is about:

Big city Moscow & St Petersburg vs the stupid Ukrainian wheat farmers.

Big city Moscow & St Petersburg fancy Russians forcing the small town provincials to fight their war.

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