City Mayors Working Directly With U.N. as U.S. Government Surrenders Authority to the W.H.O.

Spoken like Mao, Stalin and every other dictator. "You will say what we tell you to say."

Fuck off, Joey!

If I were a Twitter exec or engineer, I'd start wearing a fedora. Then anytime someone wanted me to talk smack about the culture, Elon, etc I could take the fedora off and put it on top of their phone, that is sitting on the table. Won't these people learn that anyone could be recording for project Veritas?

I've had crappy insomnia for the past 2 weeks due to house selling prep. 👎

Maybe after pix on Friday I will get sleep again

Until then...



and yet MORE


ITM fellow slaves!

May your slavery be less slavey today 😉

And good luck finding the news story on Google
about a university firing a guy over it

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