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James Opie @Nihilore@noagendasocial.com

Voting age should be raised to 21

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Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (complete.)
Grand Russian orchestral music for a grand day.

Bush fire just down the road

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I love this song so much, it immediately slows my heart rate down as soon as those first few notes hit. This and many other songs. Tied to my most relaxed memories in my 420 days

Oscar See Through Red Eye g.co/kgs/cKDhsd

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@temporaryDouchebag Something I forgot to send. Great interpretation of 7 Deadly Sins.



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Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin
An outstanding conversation

"God Bear" is what an older version of the name Opie translates to. and even if that's not true, it sounds cool


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January 31st marks the second year of keeping the sewer studio pumping! Come celebrate and join the party! We will be partying hard in the sewer by exploring and playing Dungeons and Dragons! nicktherat.com/ 11pm est

Some cunt on bandcamp is downloading the same albums multiple times to make me run out of free download credits. you get 200 a month, go over and it forces people to pay. really not in the spirit on creative commons

New Nihilore: The Riot Act

This one is a bit weird / experimental. don't take it too seriously


A movie about Black Metal being produced by Vice. I’m sure it won’t be an exaggerated and biased version of events at all 🤔

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Yo - a reminder...

Twitter (& the bag) are