So since the experimental gene therapy injection skipped animal trials and went trait to humans, I wonder how many people got the placebo?
Since they are literally testing it out on humans, they must do a controlled study and give some people a placebo shot right ?

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15 MAR 2021- This is from Dr. Steve Hotze and details exactly what a mRNA Non-vaccine actually is and what it can do to you! It's your choice to get the shot or not. Me? NO FRIGGIN WAY!

-Media Matters is an organization funded by George Soros that is referring to this Courageous Doctor of Medicine as a quack physician-

Feel really sorry for the people that got suckered into taking the mrna injection.

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Remember, the people who built the Berlin Wall said it would protect folks from fascism.

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Alright so who had Alex Jones saves a van full of smuggled kids while recording it on their bingo card?

Do you think a new disgusting white male thing to say to women could be "hey baby show me your smile" ?

I guess Jordan Cunningham must like my barber shop 🤷‍♂️

I'm still having customers come in masked up after vaccination.. they have stopped asking me to put a mask on, but they don't take theirs off.
I can feel them squirming inside while I cut their hair, as if my free breathing is undoing their mrna mutations.

Anybody used one if these? I like the micro roni's look alot better, but they are no longer legal in california.
I purchased this one to try it so we'll see how it is.

I mean.. picking spilled crack out of rugs is pretty smart 🤷‍♂️ no rock left behind.

Anybody know of a way to view videos from iphone users that isn't a giant pixel blob ?

Took the rig to the top of san martin top, big sur. Road was closed ( due to public safety?) Needless to say the 4 wheel drive came in handy and we had a great over nighter at the top.

My kids in cages program is so much more humane than bidens.

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These are the people who call us conspiracy theorist...

I guess the new pup doesn't like her bed... I'm on two hours of sleep so it feels pretty goooood.

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