I'm getting real sick of COVID being an excuse in lieu of laziness.
For instance, I called a local store to ask if they carried a specific product, when the employee said they didn't I asked if they could order it. They said "we used to do that but we don't anymore cause of COVID".

Why is everyone so giddy about in-n-out ? They may not be requiring the vax but they sure as hell enforce masks. They literally have a guy at the door.

Can anyone give mean honest review of noagendaphone.com

Had a kid in my chair telling me he's had meal worms and crickets from a candy store down in thousand oaks. Said they taste like chips ....
Bugs bugs bugs

What was the ziverdokit website? Seems to be a few

Any producers down in Argentina?! I had a flight booked there for new years and the embassy just notified me of border closures to all non residents, with no expected date of reevaluation.
What's the fuck ?!

Remember when the people got vaccinated and said "I feel invincible!"
That was awesome.

Just had a client who brought his daughter who is not even in kindergarten yet and she said Joe Biden stole the election haha. She also called Gavin newsom gruesome newsom ... I'm gunna have to try and clip her next time they come in.

Just had an 8th grader try to tell me how covid spreads 🤦‍♂️

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