Michael Moore is just bill gates in a fat suit.

I don't know why libs are so worried about abortions when they are all vaxed. You can't have a baby anyway!

Watch "CIA Man" on YouTube youtu.be/vPtYQGTAzYg
Someone should request this in the preshow. Very fitting.

Best podcast 2.0 app? I'm using podcast guru and it ain't doin it for me.

And just like that another trending shit post war that I have no idea what it's about.

So I haven't been following the January 6th sitcom, but has anyone brought up the email memo trump sent asking for national guard at the Capitol in case it got rowdy? Cause that seems to be his get out of jail free card, but I've heard no mention of it except on the no agenda show.

Watch "Black Metal Without Distortion Is Just Surf Rock" on YouTube youtu.be/PwGgDmHuGpA

He recommended to carry narcan for anyone who fucks with blow or even takes non-prescribed Xanax.

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Yesterday I cut the hair of a guy doing a training course for law enforcement gang task force units. He apparently heads the unit for the state or something like that. He confirmed that the Chinese are making the fentanyl and/or releasing the recipe to the cartels in Mexico so they can flood it into our system. They cut the coke with it and send it up. They also are making fake pills such as Xanax. He said to hold the pill chest high, drop it on the ground and if it crumbles it's fake.

The majority of people only believe social media "news". They will literally ignore all logic and personal experience if they read something online that is trending.

These ski memes are a violent insurrection threatening the democracy of No Agenda Social.

Someone wanna explain all the fucking ski memes going around ? Did I miss something?

New Zealand is going to tax cow farts and burps.... I'd like to tax new Zealand for all the headaches I get from their idiotic ideas.

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