The latest episode of SmashCast, Tie the Knot, it up!

Find it here or whatever you get podcasts:

In this episode we call Justin Bieber a liar, DCGirl interviews @Bishop about all things rope bondage and we discover why December 9th should be an international holiday.

@NICKtheRAT @CMike @SirSpencer @Billistic @adam @DrChris @Johncdvorak I've never used anything but MS paint 😐 Now I get to a challenge. I like, I'm going to try like hell because I love No Agenda.

1145pm est going liveish

i am not going to be live this wednesday but might air something special late tonight. ill keep you posted here.

I may not be a spook but @Bishop certainly is! Listen to us discuss crushes and see how well Bishop knows me. Almost....too well!

Producer: @Robvcase
Art: @m00se
Sexy intro: @jennifer

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