if you want me to read a letter to santa on the air tonight, email it to [email protected] subject line, letter to santa

ringing in the Thanksgiving holiday in the SEWER with @NICKtheRAT and his top-shelf . I'll be experimenting with a new recipe this evening, consisting of eyeballed amounts of the following: one 5HT2a receptor agonist, white (you know, the kind, doing my part to exterminate it), and jolt cola.

I am infinitely for my [slash] , ya'll are the best!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and to those outside of , HAPPY ANYWAY!


@ProfWorr well I’m wearing a @NICKtheRAT tee with the logo is made with real fur...and I’m wearing it inside out, so the fire is against my chest

Not that I’m a furry, it’s just that I’m still drunk and my mum isn’t here to dress me, however, I will admit that it’s quite pleasant when I move around as Nick’s rubs against my nipple

@NICKtheRAT should el Dub record a visit to the Chinese restaurant for NTR?

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