Nick the Rat Radio is about to start! TUNE IN OR...not?

Wednesday 7/17 Alien Human Hybrids (link: (link: 11pm est

STREAMS UP! join me there or on twitch! LETS CELEBRATE FREEDOM!

Man Accused of Feeding Meth to 'Attack Squirrel' Arrested

Attack Squirrel indeed, I'm seeing @NICKtheRAT riding into battle on its back like He Man on Cringer his Battle Cat. Attack Squirrels charge!

@adam @NICKtheRAT

@NICKtheRAT @unhappynewyork after tonight's failure (brought a lot of business bar overcharged us) i think the next event will be an already approved No Agenda Brooklyn Meetup. I have to settle on a date but I think @NICKtheRAT would need to be able to attend.

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