@Johncdvorak my goodwill score of the day. I am particularly liking the chapter on games at work.

When will @Johncdvorak let me interview him, so he can go on that other podcast show and complain about me?

Part 1 of my favorite podcasts to listen to during the age of Coronavirus 2020 chrisabraham.com/blog/my-favor via @chrisabraham

cc: @Bobosphere @OTMBrooke @adamcurry @NICKtheRAT @Therealdvorak @LatinoUSA @Maria_Hinojosa @MoeFactz

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for! Here is episode 3 of Origins of Things and Stuff! In this episode, we talk about animal domestication! I also trigger
as I make him break down into tears. Check it out!

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