If most therapists go to therapy, does it work?

I think @NICKtheRAT uh I mean Nick Iraq scored the most legendary voicemail transcription in the Bowl thus far.

Possibly get the flu or possibly have heart issues... Hmmm

"School-based staffers must be vaccinated, but de Blasio doubled down on refusing to mandate COVID shots for students, noting that he doesn’t want students to be discouraged from attending school." But but but GRANDMA!!!

@CarBlanez33 @NICKtheRAT
I KNEW IT!! "The dark sewer network" is actually the middle earth on the way to sunny fields of pretty flowers & poppies!
Carolyn, let's go get the Rat so we all can frolic today! (And drink tea with Darth)

So these unvaxxxed workers getting fired will now be walking around in the public?! Omg!!!! We are all gonna die!

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