Just switched from PIA's VPN to Mullvad VPN. Any other Mullvad users here?

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There are 25,000 armed Trump supporters occupying DC.

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Reports emerging from #Norway indicate that at least twenty three people have died after taking the #Pfizer / BioNTech #COVID19 #vaccine, yet the government regulator has said they don’t see anything alarming in the cases.

The reports also indicate that a further 29 people who took the vaccine have developed significant side effects. Nine of those cases are said to be critical: humansarefree.com/2021/01/23-d #vaccines

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Where have I been? I just subscribed to @Johncdvorak 's Substack page The Oasis (I'm new to the show, late to the party). Talk about doing the work, this is phenomenal.

Anyone else excited to see our President-Elect Blow Jiden get inaugurated in an empty stadium? What a joke!

BTC is back baby! Anyone out there buy the dip earlier this week?

Anyone watching these impeachment debates in the House? Weird how we can throw an impeachment together in a day or two but can’t give Americans any financial relief for ~8 months

I’m doing my part, nation, I’m buying the dip. Last week people would do anything to buy 20% lower. HODL, ladies and gentlemen.

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So Twitter permanently bans Trump (think we saw that coming) and TWTR is down 1.3% after the close. GOOD. If I could short that trash fire stock, I would.

I'm an old-millennial who was THANKFULLY woke by , but I still have some LibJoe friends. Some decent humans, some not. Here's a group chat conversation wherein my progressive, open minded lefty 'friends' are making fun of the Kennesaw woman who was trampled to death in the Capitol protest. What's wrong with these people?? Looks like I'm getting new friends! A meetup can't come soon enough.

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BLM/Antifa burns down many buildings across the country, loots and steals, burns vehicles, assaults innocent people, is directly supported by sitting politicians, including those now at the very top in Washington who supported and directly called for more (and possibly directly and explicitly called for violence, depending on how one sees things)…

Total silence from Big Tech, the media, and others.

Rioters show up at the Capital… break some windows, interrupt proceedings, break in the building and all that.

Now, and only now, does the “left” condemn anything (but only these guys, BLM and Antifa are still cool). Now and only now does the media say anything. Now they’re rioters. Now they’re “insurrectionists”. Now it’s an issue.

I’m not saying what happened yesterday was good. It wasn’t. I’m not saying it was justified. It wasn’t. I’m not saying it wasn’t a riot. It was. What I am saying is that this double standard is infuriating and where was all this condemnation when people’s lives, property and businesses were being destroyed and terrorized? Oh, wait, that was okay because when that was happening it lined up with the political leanings of the people who now condemn. Must be nice to have friends in powerful places

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Trump leaves office in 13 days and these yahoos push this bullshit? Why exactly? What is wrong with them?

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Just to make sure you are keeping up with the Conniption Club of Beverly Hills. Note the 10's of thousands of "likes." Thanks Twitter.

Anyone here using a GrapheneOS phone? Really thinking about getting one to mess around with and maybe make the switch permanently.

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I told you it would be bumpy and tears would come.

A strong 7+2 car Zephyr Report from @Johncdvorak on the day we break $3,800 in the S&P (called the SPOO where I trade). All of this comes on the day before the first nonfarm payrolls report of 2021. Coincidence? No way... C'mon man!

Bet your ass that NFP report is solid tomorrow, even though the man responsible is OUT as president.

I'll be market making with a long bias tomorrow. Thanks again,

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