I have a bit of a confession. For a week have been in very close quarters with person symptomatic and tested for 'the thing'.... how many of all ya'll have been, too and not become symptomatic?

515 Public Square Rosary Rallies for Ireland's Conversion

"515 Rosary rallies mean nearly one million Hail Marys prayed in the public square! Just about every nook and cranny of Ireland was reached. These rallies are 515 more reasons for the devil to shake in his shackles in fear of Our Lady!" (Lifesite News)


Saw this tiny little furry friend just minutes ago on the side of the road while doing my daily MTB workout.
So cute.
It was the size of a pingpong ball.

anyone remember office mail robots? Beep beeeeeep beeep.

I wonder how many colds, etc could be knocked out by always sucking on Zinc?

These “see you next Tuesday” types only want to talk about their current understanding of playing God, but next year are happy to say the science has changed, and there needs to be further studies as to why so much suffering and death happened from their poison creations but are never at risk of losing their livelihoods nor their lives.

2022 marks the year I became fully understanding of what compelled humans to devise the guillotine for the purposes of righting endemic evils.

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Oh, he's running alright! He is the MAGA King, after all. ⚔️

Today, when asked why he hadn't been prepared for the baby formula shortage, Bidet said, "Well maybe if we'd been better MIND-READERS we would have been prepared!"

Reminds me of Obama: "So Trump says he'll bring manufacturing back to the USA. OK, so how's he gonna do that? Does he have a MAGIC WAND?!"

This is how people who 'don't how anything works' think.

It's so weird. The term Karen really offends me. I'm usually not bothered by slurs. For some reason this gets to me.

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