Any new credible news regarding the so-called China coup?

Anyone have any information on the supposed military coup attempt in China?

DHU. I can’t take his constant bragging about boating or big parties or concerts flying here and there. Then please donate.

King Charles III deadpool

Have you been a pallbearer?

Today marks 80 years since my dad and his shipmates on the USS Wasp were torpedoed.

now, throw their clothes out the window and slash their tires.

29 year work service anniversary today. Man, I'm old.

I just don't understand the global coordination of the pandemic/vaccines. Either the deepest, darkest conspiracy theory of a few actually run the entire thing or intelligence (perhaps even fake) really know something horrible that is the ticking time bomb of CoV-ID-2019. And really, REALLY thought that this would be devesatating.

Could an entire globe come together against one single orange man? Or something else? Impending celestial collision? But why kill people for no good reason?

Donuts. Put them on a shelf. Let me bag/box them. No lines. I don’t need to tip you for smashing all the icing together in too small a bag for no reason. That is all.

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