Non-binary people should stop using anything with digital technology and demand it all be canceled due to the inherent lack of inclusivity. 😉

I found a site that collects and displays block rationale for fedi servers.

NAS posts are rejected by 157 servers:

Hi everyone, I need some serious jobs karma. I'll get laid off imminently if we don't get some orders.

If you smoke pot or need a gift, visit Use coupon "ITM" for $20 off the grinder. It includes 20 cones; if I see any ITMs I'll fit 60 more and some tubes in the box. Free Priority shipping. It does more than roll joints; you can break it down and just grind and there is a funnel for filling bowls and tins.

100% off my commission will be donated to the NA show.


Nice to see the british press has moved back to serious social issues after the queens funeral.

‘I’d rather eat an actual burger’: why plant-based meat’s sizzle fizzled in the US

McDonald’s has shelved its meat-free burger trial and stock in one of the major manufacturers has dipped nearly 70%


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