hell is empty and all the devils are here

William Shakespeare
The Tempest

First Draft of my second novel, "What is Existence to the Immortals?" is complete.

Pages 113
Words 41276

Now, if I could only get the first one published.


Frankly, I don't care which gets published first.

""Emerging evidence suggests that the risk of transmission may be reduced by using thicker fabrics or multiple layers. However, the face covering should still be breathable."'
Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own - GOV.UK

Britain sees the world’s sharpest fall in Covid cases:

[% decline from peak]

UK: 97%
South Africa: 95%
Spain: 82%
Mexico: 76%
USA: 73%
Russia: 70%
South Korea: 42%
Italy: 37%
Germany: 32%
France: 25%


Didn't we predict a baby boom 9 months after the start of the lock-downs.
Are we seeing it yet? Any articles, news or reports about this?

@Mummabear Even if they had attempted to report side effects there are reports out there of substantial friction for having their reported symptoms added into VAERS. Most people are reporting that they are only monitored for 10 minutes after the jab while some symptoms aren't showing for a day or more.

I ASSUME that the numbers are an order of magnitude or greater than what is publicly available for these reasons.

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