@Mummabear “Masks when properly worn reduce transmission “

!!! That’s not what the article you linked to says, morons who work for the conversation.com!!!



ITM All,

If anyone who was at last week's U.S. Capitol protest now has pending federal court charges and is looking for a good attorney licensed to practice in federal court, I would like to recommend Meredith Ralls at Robinson Law lawyerupvirginia.com/

Also known as Dame Meredith the Fair, she is an avid no agenda listener and a rising star attorney in VA's criminal defense field.

BREAKING: Twitter Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale in Recording Obtained By Project Veritas (VIDEO)

A second Project Veritas video this time exposing senior Twitter Executive Vijaya Gadde. More censorship coming.

All the Big Tech 'social media' will become an extension of the fake MSM. Anything not leftist approved will be censored. They will become the protectors of the (globalist puppet) Democrats and the Biden administration.


I think I have figured it out now: the insane National Guard presence and the stories about the Biden Admin worrying about Trump loyalist assassins in the Secret Service are all about one thing...ratings for an Inauguration ceremony they're [rightly] worried no one will watch.

Just overheard our 3 youngest human resources playing and one said to the other, “Thou shalt not be a douchebag”. 😂😂 We are such proud parents! @surrealestate

Inauguration rehearsal evacuated today due to fire in a homeless encampment.

Current Mood: I was just hoping that there would be a remake of "people are strange" by the doors - replacing the word strange with STUPID


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