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youre late to a very long wargaming conversation. this is supporting evidence of the theory being discussed.


putin+trump = in cahoots, stealing elections and such

jan6=far right insurrection

putin=hitler (nazi)
actual nazi groups in ukraine, theorized to be staging for a 'russian backed nazi insurrection' in ukraine

firmly est link between us-russian nazis

nato to save the world from nazi threats
arrest nazis, take guns, jail leaders

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"According to sources..."
"Experts claim..."
After Long Day Of Work, Feminist Relaxes On Couch To Eat Ice Cream And Fantasize About Being Stay-At-Home Mom | The Babylon Bee

Link to manifesto

Figured id check it out given all hubbub.

Since the media wants to gatekeep, its being scrubbed from the cloud by google, and people are getting banned for posting just a screenshot of a page, might be worth a read

Apparently theres mention of replacement theory, aka The Plan. Gotta wonder if thats the main reason for the scrub, or of theres more to the story

Payton Gendron’s Manifesto – The Occidental Observer

McDonalds to permanently pull out from Russia

Coupled with expanding nato into sweden and finland,while considering the mcdonalds nations no-war theory, one has to figure theres more war on the horizons

American Journal clip reporting google is deleting the shooter manifesto from peoples gDrive

Watch "Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/16/22 [WHOLE SHOW] | BREAKING FOX NEWS May 16, 2022" on YouTube

Truth about UK's monkeypox outbreak as expert warns to expect a 'handful' more cases - Mirror Online

'That one I still have to laugh at': Bill Gates on being targeted by conspiracy theorists (8:57)

How many times has Anderson Cooper interviewed Dr. Gates instead of someone like Dr. McCullough?

Anybody elses FSB check late?

Ive been pushing all this russian propaganda here on NAS, but i havent gotten a damned ruble yet!

anyone got a link to the buffalo shooter manifesto?

Well... ive waited all day, but it looks like my suspicions are true

This damned lawn isnt going to mow itself.

Coinbase may go belly up and holders could lose their coins if left on the platform. Recommend transferring to wallet

Power plants down!!!
Texans asked to conserve power as 100-degree heat hits some regions | The Texas Tribune

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