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youre late to a very long wargaming conversation. this is supporting evidence of the theory being discussed.


putin+trump = in cahoots, stealing elections and such

jan6=far right insurrection

putin=hitler (nazi)
actual nazi groups in ukraine, theorized to be staging for a 'russian backed nazi insurrection' in ukraine

firmly est link between us-russian nazis

nato to save the world from nazi threats
arrest nazis, take guns, jail leaders

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Sounds like a blood bath on wall street. Fox Biz hosts talking global recession and slitting their wrists tonight

What's Wrong With These Podcasts ?!?

☑️Air Horn
☑️Egregious Sweetening
☑️Host with table so full of merch you can barely see them
☑️And More!

Infractions began at the 20 min mark

B-Real from Cypress Hill
"Inayah & Cynic - The Dr. Greenthumb Show #587"

What's wrong with these podcasts?!?
☑️The worst green screen ever seen
☑️Fat dude with pink hair wig
☑️Annoying chick yelling YO YO YO
☑️Masculinity bashing
☑️Trigger warnings
☑️Ad Read for J&J
☑️And More!!!

The frosk girl has gone to the career graveyard known as podcasting.

Watch "Froskast Episode 0001 w/ Zipper! G4's Host Debut Podcast! Quartering is TOXIC. Brie Larson SLAYS" on YouTube

We have social credit system , but like anything with the potential for good , America uses it to be a gay as possible .

hands down, the worst news reader ive ever heard. she should wear a lower cut shirt.

I would appear that the local news talk radio has opted to replace the clay & buck show with 3hrs of the bongino show.

This will not stand, man!

Whenever there's a food shortage, the only thing left at the supermarket is the fake meat. Clearly nobody wants it, it's fucking poison. Yet, every restaurant and fast food franchise from Taco Bell to Denny's insists on having it on the menu. Nobody's buying this. According to basic economic principles this shouldn't even exist. What kind of return are they getting on it? It must be a financial loss for the company. Yet here it is, advertised and pushed everywhere.

It's the 'people are disappearing in parks' guy

"George Knapp & David Paulides: Bigfoot, the Evidence - Best of Coast to Coast AM Archived Shows"

Watch "Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm | OFFICIAL TRAILER | adult swim" on YouTube

We're live from the bus stop in front of VP Harris' house
1min fox business
Watch "Migrant buses arrive in front of VP Harris' D.C. home" on YouTube

KTLA: "Rapper PnB Rock shot while eating at South L.A. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: TMZ"

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