Homeschool in the morning. Roaring fire. Kid doing research without much assistance. Cup of tea.

In a little while we'll brave the bad weather and meet some other kids at the park.

Homeschooling is pretty awesome.

@MrsShill my younger son is starting tomorrow. Not really homeschooling - it's a private online academy. We'll be assisting him, making sure he's comfortable with it.

@maxpowers1 Online school has its challenges. If it isn't the right fit just realize that homeschooling itself can be adjusted to suit just about everyone.

We did a lot of online and computer based schooling until last year. When everyone else started going to zoom classes and chatting with friends online, we decided to make a change and do all book-based learning. So far the kids are all liking this more.

Of course they still use computers. But mostly for research and some essays.

@MrsShill using paper books is a good idea. My son is a reader, loves going to libraries. In the same time, he did very well when school went remote last year. We'll see how it goes and adjust the program. This particular academy gives students actual homework. Not a lot, but he'll need time to complete it. They also have options to take electives, but we don't want to overwhelm him in the beginning.

@MrsShill Gas fire.

I applaud you and I know it's not easy to teach.

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