Just went to the woke liberal organic foods store in Port Townsend WA to video/photograph a friend enter without a mask. She shopped for about 10 minutes, ignoring the complaints of clerks and management, who asked her to leave, before police came and arrested her for criminal trespassing.

Mother of 3, frequent shopper of this store, and cited religious reasons for refusing to mask (she's Christian).

They employ antifa here, but can't have an unmasked mother shopping for groceries.

@MrsShill so I assumed she knew she was getting arrested if she had you video/photograph?

@PhoneBoy She suspected it may lead to that. She planned to shop unmasked today.

@MrsShill back in my day, liberals were live and let live kind of people. They've turned into the very fascist assholes they warned us about.


I wont bother to pat ya on a face. No really no offence meant but for fucks sake dont call today facists liberals. Its as if calling nazis libertarians cause they grew out of them. Really. No offence to ya buddy. Plz.


It's a fair comment. They've co-opted every other word, why not liberal, too? And why are the real liberals just standing by allowing this to occur?

@PawelK @MrsShill


Real liberals have neither power nor maybe balls dunno am libertarian myself is close to liberal but not really. Whether u use it i dont bother but its wordbutchery over lets say ok idea/ideology. Funnily enough today consos in us and much of trumpsters are 90% liberals while those called liberals are 1%.


I'm pretty much a "live and let live" kind of guy. If you tell me how to live, though, you can fuck right off. 😝

@PawelK @MrsShill

Thas why i dont bother to teach anyone. And funnily again thats how libertarians are and liberals used to be.

Theres meme on libertarianism. Evil libertarians coming for you...
To force you to fuck off of them.


Evil libertarians also don't want anyone telling you how to live your life either. Very, very evil that.

@PawelK @MrsShill

@PawelK @PhoneBoy @MrsShill fascists would have stopped plague carriers in 2019, don't besmirch their good name by comparing them to liberals and their anarchist militiae

I just expressed opinion it aches my eyes and makes tiny bit of liberal of my soul wither in pain.



Liberals still are. There is nothing liberal about leftists, no matter how many times they call themselves liberal


@leyonhjelm @PhoneBoy @MrsShill I’ve always considered myself independent, but have historically leaned left. During the past four years, I’ve found the left growing increasingly insane.

Last year I was talking to a childhood friend and I was so glad to hear him say he felt that the left had left him; that this wasn’t at all what he signed up for or believed in. The democratic party and 24/7 hour hate machine of the MSM have appealed to the most extreme members on their side, used them like the useful idiots they are, and spit them out. They’re still doing it too.

@MrsShill @PhoneBoy It’s sad when something this simple is considered brave (and you’re friend is brave). I refused to ever wear a mask and ended up leaving a region because of this fucking insanity.

This is not a time of honor

@rife_with_tedium Thank you. I based it off the This place is not a place of honor message that is used as the message for nuclear waste sites.

@mrman @MrsShill I'm no expert at all, but I've done some maskless shopping, often just to see what would happen.

I know they can get you for criminal trespassing if they ask you to leave and you steadfastly refuse.

However, there's nothing saying how fast or slow...and what you say as you are leaving.

I've heard that criminal trespass in a store that provides public accommodation cannot deny you service...even if that means they have to "shop" for you.

Not legal advice, just conjecture!

@MrsShill The police is not your friend.
They make this nightmare possible.

@mystik @MrsShill can't wait for more people to realize that the police are not on our side

@Mr_Steve @mystik @MrsShill police today in salinas California, I see this daily none of them wear masks. Seems like a rules for the not for me, however they dont enforce the mask stuff either and most of them are against it

@TonyG @Mr_Steve @MrsShill At some point, all the sheriffs that don't fall in line will be Magufuli'd.

@MrsShill Even restrained her, huh? Surely a violent person and a danger to all about her 🙄

@MrsShill God bless her. I needed to see this. Two days ago I was told to leave a Barnes & Noble due to no mask. This is in Texas, which no longer has the state mandate. I eventually left, because I wasn't quite sure what else to do. But I'm still angry at myself and have been thinking about going back.

@r000t @MrsShill i don't like face daipers face sheilds are nice

@1iceloops123 @r000t why wear a face cover or shield for the flu? You virtu signal much?

@Carsh @r000t its not a flu woke homosexual. i could of died from it.

@MrsShill I'm in pierce county. If you want to plan a mass protest all you have to do is post here on and thousands will be there for you. I'm on medical leave right now but I will show up to any protest we lead this week. Message me.

@MrsShill we need to schedule a mass non compliance in this area. If I had known about this prior, would be there to defend your rights. Once policeman wont stop dozens of us.

@SirDeutschebag I think there may be plans in the future for a maskless crowd shopping event, and when my friend told me about going in maskless I offered to go in with her. But she wanted this to be the opening statement on their stance, and how far they'd go.

Where in Pierce county are you? I grew up south of Spanaway, near Roy.

@MrsShill I'm currently in Graham but I grew up in Spanaway. Some of the stores around here don't care if you have a mask on or not and most wont say anything to you if you take it off once you're in the store in my experience. I'm hoping that these businesses will go back to normal but virtually everyone in my workplace doesn't like them or think they work but we still wear them everyday regardless so maybe they will stick around for awhile.

@MrsShill The fact that people can't see the parallels to Nazi fascism are astounding. Mad respect to that woman for having the courage of her convictions. We need more people like her to rage against the machine.

@MrsShill i have the feeling religious reasons dont negate private property laws

Trespassing? they are not even that stupid to use that here in EUSSR.

Good take pics and videos. These Nazis will deny everything when this shitshow is over and it will be.
I am already picturing him how he begs for life when he is executed. Store owner can pray for only lifetime prison sentence.

@MrsShill a really sad state of affairs. These ignorant mask pushers are a modern day example of why Nazi Germany existed. Covid 19 is a religion. The sheep will not change their mind, no matter the facts. Sorry your friend was arrested.

@MrsShill what makes it even more absurd is that they probably won't call the police for shoplifting.
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